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I have a question that has been bothering me. I played in a tournament and I seen that a player has changed his score. Then my cousin changed it back and confronted him about it and then he changed it back to 3 when it was suppose to be a 5 and then another person in the group confronted him about it at the end of the round and he made up some excuse. Which makes me question all the other time I played with him and he won, with me in second. The whole group went to the T.D. about it and nothing ever came of it. Just corrected that one score and went on like it never happened. When this sport is all about honesty and you see someone doing that, it ruins it.
Don't get me wrong I am there to have fun and if I win it is a bonus, but know I just feel cheated out of some extra bonuses and it bothers me because I think I should still be in Am 4 because someone is always beating me by a narrow margin. It feels like I am not improving. I shot a 66 and a 56 yesterday and I know they were super busy and it was super late, but if it was my tournament and I caught someone doing that TWICE they would be disqualified.

What do you think?

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Another avenue to use is once you have 2 or more in your group agree that he is incorrectly marking his score - you can call courtesy warnings and fouls on him and penalize him strokes. This will be easy for a TD to back you up. Plus you can call him on it as many times during the round as is needed. After the second actual penalty, the TD will have reasonable cause to disqualify him from the tournament. Keep in mind that warnings do not carry over between rounds and you will need to warn him again during the round before assessing a group decision penalty.
Mark Janssen
TD - Orlando Open
Note that when a player is given a warning, that warning should be written on the scorecard, right at the same time.

Thank you all for not mentioning the player's name or making him or her identifiable here. That would violate our posting policy.
I'll definitely warn him from now on. I didn't know what route to go because I am still new to Disc Golf and it is all about honesty. It sucks that someone would actually cheat, doesn't make sense to me. So when my cousin caught him he should have warned him then when I caught him doing it again I should have had a group discussion. That is what we kind of did, because my cousin said why did you change your score?, I don't know exactly know what his excuse was then when I seen he did it again we as the group discussed it and turned him in to the T.D. I am just glad it is over and now I will be more prepared next time. Thanks everyone!
All good advice. Keeping an extra score card is how I deal with it, but I only do it out of habit. I've never had this happen. One way that we try to avoid that is to actually announce everyone's scores out loud (even the person writing the scores down). Course I guess the person could writing the scores say one thing and write another. I'm a little surprised at this actually, but given the division, I have a feeling that the person is embarrassed at their score and they need the "fix" it for them to feel like they are throwing where they should be. Still is unacceptable no matter if it's friendly or a tournament.

Not to be a mean person, but if the entire group knew about it you could have "miscounted" his score on the score card so he gets the penalty strokes added on. I know that being dishonest to hurt the dishonest person isn't the best way to go, but it's a thought. I think you handled the situation correctly, just a misfortune that the person didn't really learn from it.
Kick him square in the nuts.
One person I play with forgets the screwed up middle shots and consistently mis counts the stokes taken. If they do that they can think they've taken a four and with their 6' putt in think they have a bogie four instead of their double bogey 5. It screws up the game but it happens two or three times a round. We usually just do plus or minus in the casual rounds but it works if you actually score the shots out loud and then u have the hopefully correct record of it. If their is a perhaps error you can catch it on the spot.

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