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The mandatory in this case is a cement tube(6.5' wide). Anyway I say if you miss it you have to come back around on the side you missed on. My friend says you should be able to come back though the tube(as long as you make all the way thru) and then go back thru in the right direction. I know the rule book talks about drop zones and penalty strokes but doesn't really cover casual play. I've never really dealt with mandatories before so I'm not really sure what the etiquette is in casual play.

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F&^% mandos. Just say no. To me they just take away creativity. I don't do mandos.
Some mandos are there for others safety...other mandos are there because course designers put them in for a variety of reasons (safety mainly though...to keep people from throwing to close to other teepads and targets etc. and/or to make the hole tougher to play). For the most part, mandos where I play are designed in for safety reasons (to keep people from playing over picnic tables, pedestrian trails, teepads, targets etc.)

I say that in casual play do what feels right. The casual players I play with usually ingnore mandos and wait for anybody that could be hit with a disc to move out of the way.

In my opinion, mandos are bad course design...of course, if the course has limited acreage then I can see mandos being designed into a course for flow reasons. But I still think that mandos are bad course design...OB too! :)
well, its not casual if you're a stickler for mandos....
the pdga rules says you no longer have to throw back after passing a mando. that means you go back to the mando you missed with your disk, take one penalty throw, and then throw the next throw from about one meter behind the mando.
good to know
LOL, must of had a few bad mandos Jim?

If it is casual, it is whatever you as a group decide on. Otherwise, in tourney play, it is whatever the TD says. Typically you have to hit the Mando from the tee or retee with a 1 stroke penalty or throw from the DZ with a stroke penalty. Sometimes you get lucky and don't go past the Mando and you can just walk up and throw your disc through w/o a penalty.
I have no problem with mandos for safety. I have a problem when somebody arbitrarily puts one in to force you to play a hole in a certain way. Good example, a few weeks ago when the guy running Wednesday league put a mando up close to the hole where you had to go between two trees. Limited the shots that you could take and really screwed my ace run line. I had to resort to playing the hole conservatively and got my par. But it 100% robbed me of my ace run line. And I have a great anny line on that hole.

Just saying. We have no mandos on our course at all. The problem with them as well is that unless everybody (including first timers and newbies) knows about them they just won't get played. My personal view is that it's better to design the course so that you don't need mandos (in other words don't play towards areas that might cause safety issues).

Sorry, for going sideways on this thread as it was really just a rules question.
Thanks guys.
Not trying to manipulate the game. In the case that I posted, the "game" was manipulated by someone to force me to play the hole in a certain way. And that had nothing to do with safety or any rules. Just an arbitrary mando. That is why I generally don't agree with mandos. They can take away a player's creativity. It's OK because I aced a hole tonight that had absolutely no mandos.
We had a hole like this where I was living last... some one had written "MANDO LEFT" in sharpie then every time you went out people would call you for not throwing it mando.... but if they want mando it needs to be better then Sharpie...lol

Some reasons where listed for Mandos, but this one was not... Many times the State or Parks services ask for them to to be placed to help keep disc's and people from hitting tree's are making new trails where they do not want them. In that case we should think about our relations with Park and Rec or who ever... and always Mando
there are a few courses near me with a couple mando's but only pertaining to not throwing over a playground, you must throw around them. i don't mind those mando's, its for the kids sake afterall.

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