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I'm going to finally buy a champ roc, to throw I might add. I was wondering which of the molds (ranch, san marino, or ontario) is your favorite. I don't think I want the ontario roc as I want something at least moderately overstable to start out with. So I'm REALLY looking for someone to let me know the difference between the rancho and the san marino. BUT if you really love your ontario and want to make a pitch for it, go ahead. :-)

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The Champ Roc's look and feel nice.....and as Champ plastic goes....it will last a while longer. I don't throw them, I really couldn't tell ya a whole lot about them. I have a 10 time in the bag...I rarely use it...still a sweet disc, but very understable. The DX Classic Roc in my bag is one of the 'go to' discs....always has been regardless of where it's made. I recently got a Super Roc, last years Worlds stamp. I find it to be moderately stable, as your looking for. What I love about it....it's a blend...to the gripp/flexible side....feels like Star plastic to me. I tried these before a while back and I didn't like them. they were way to stiff and not flat enough for me. The Super is kinda domey...but this plastic is sweet. I would suggest giving it a try. Keep it off the trees and it will stay the same for a while.
I hear good things about the San Marinos CE
That's good because I just ordered one (the san marino)... $35 at discgolfcenter.com with free shipping. They have them down to 28 bucks. I throw dx rancho rocs mainly, but I wanted a disc that will stay overstable longer, then I'll beat in a bunch of dx rocs for straight and turnovers. Nothing is straighter from start to finish than a beat in dx roc (in my limited experience).

So this was a big jump from my usual 7 dollar rocs, but hey, I had birthday money to spend!
The Original San Marinos were almost Whippet stable. The New versions are pretty good too !!!!
Are the new ones still on the overstable side? Could you compare them to a new dx rancho?
I guess I'll find out for myself in a week or so when I get the disc! I'm just excited and want to know how it flies NOW. It has to be amazing for 35 bucks right??
Also check out the Champion Shark. It's overstable for awile.
Whippet stable is pretty severe stable...lol!! Let us know what you think and, wow 35 bucks that's a far cry from the DX versions. I have an old 1992 DX San Marino Roc it's not in the bag right now. but a cherished disc for sure...Straight as an arrow.
Rancho rocs are my favorite because they allow for more versatility as they beat in. I have several in my bag at once that I use for different shots. Ranchos start out the most overstable. San Marinos are closer to stable and are most peoples favorite I think. And Ontarios are poo.
this thread has some useful info in it. ---> http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?t=320&highl...
Whippet stable is a bit of an overstatement lol!! I've only have thrown Champ Rocs from the get go. I have tried all three molds and can't say I've seen a big diff, but you know Champ plastic. You have to give it a year or two. I throw a 175 Rancho mold. which is the most overstable out of the group. I've had it for approx a year with no change in it's flight. It truly is a disc that flies at the angle you throw it at. However it will still fade out at the end of an anhyzer throw, but the helix is VERY pronounced. Throw it flat it will land flat and not hyzer out. It will take on a pretty good headwind (10 to 15) with some hyzer on it and it won't turn over on you. I may be telling you a bunch of stuff you already know, but I've never thrown them in Pro or DX plastic. One last thing. I have several Champ Rancho Rocs, and true to form. They all fly a bit diff. I had one that was flippy and one that was more overstable than my current one. Hope this helps you out.

35 bucks! It should do all the work for you!

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