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 Ive played doubles plenty of times, but never played 'worse shot' . Does the other team get to decide which shot we have to take?

 and if so.. if my partner is somewhat new would I be better off letting him take the first shot to see if I could somehow make my shot appear worse than his ( maybe by being shorter ) but in a more preferable position? ( Ive played one round with him and while i may be assuming since he is relatively new, I know I am going to outdrive him 99% of the time )

 Any other strategy we should be using ? 


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Your best strategy is to go home, sit on the couch and drink beer. Worst shot sucks. Can you imagine if they ever played it in professional ball golf. That will never happen for a reason.

I simply refuse to play it since I believe in doing my best when I play. Worst shot is just a gimmick and a poor one at that. Kind of like saying that everyone has to play blindfolded while hopping on one leg and pointing backwards. No point to it in a competitive game where the goal is to shoot the lowest score. Hey that great shot didn't count because of a stupid rule that makes no sense.

But yes, the other team gets to decide.

Since I can't seem to get to sleep I will elaborate on my position by putting forth logical arguments.

First off disc golf is a competition where you try to do your best (just like any other sport). I will challenge anyone on here to name any other sport where you can be penalized for doing well. Of course there are none. Imagine if the fastest car in a race was penalized. How about a team that scores the most goals? It doesn't happen because it makes no sense. If you were to take this format to its ultimate you would of course reward the team with the worst score as being the best. If you can play worst shot, then why not play worst score?

I have played the format twice in my life and both times it was not the least bit enjoyable. The first time I got paired up in random draw doubles with a guy who had played maybe once. Now if we were just playing best shot doubles it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I could show him a few pointers, do my best and see how good we could do. However, on this occasion the guy running things declared nine holes of worst shot. So what happens? The guy throws it OB on practically every hole. What was my strategy? There was none since anything that I did that was better than him didn't matter. It was a waste of time and the only thing that I could do was go for ace runs. Needless to say I could have just showed up and handed the best players my cash. I was just taking up space.

The second time was equally not enjoyable. I got paired up with a friend who wasn't having his best day. I don't remember how we did on the first hole. However, on the second hole I parked my drive (for which I would be penalized) and he shanked one way off course. Now we were stuck with a very difficult second shot. He went first and shanked his second shot. I stood up there, figured things out in my head and drilled a blind shot into the basket for an amazing deuce. Now this was the type of shot that maybe 1 out of 100 top pros could make on a good day. It was that nice. But my joy was soon replaced with disbelief when I was told that I would once again be penalized for making that shot since my partner did not also make that same shot. Absolutely ridiculous that a rule could take away a good shot. So I thought, "What was even the point of trying if a shot did not count because of a stupid rule?"  And of course there is no good answer to that. Maybe if someone had said that all made baskets count, but they didn't. So instead of carding a 2 because I sunk a nearly impossible shot, we walked away with a 4. Penalized again. My friend felt bad because he thought that I was angry with him (I was not). I was angry with a format that made no sense. And instead of being in the running for a win, we at that point were struggling to catch up. It changed everything and not in a good way.

So if you enjoy being penalized for your efforts then worst shot is for you. If not I suggest staying away from it. Beer is much more enjoyable.

It's up to the other team about what shot you use, so if you do get paired with someone who is not very good, you are kinda screwed. best case would be have them go first and keep it in the fairway. other than that I'm with Jim on this one. Worst shot blows. better format is diablo doubles....6 best shot, 6 alternate shot 6 worst shot.

hehe. thanks for the answer as well as your thoughts  Jim.

 I would prefer to stay at home and drink beer as well, but it is for the Ice bowl, which is basically a charity tournament, and this guy needed a partner, and I was drinking beer that night so I offered to help.

 Luckily he is a decent player and might even bring his A-game ( heck... I may play like crap ..who knows ). plus it is 1 round of best shot, 1 of worst, and 1 of alternate so hopefully it won't be that bad.

 I'm a fan of the Sipapu course as well :)

thanks for the reply Jeffery. I think maybe having him throw first  might be best. cheers!

I love worst shot, but I believe I'm in the minority on this one. Worst shot brings the strategy to the game to its max limit. Try to equal your partners shot unless he is in a bad spot, if so try to land one a tad shorter but in the fairway so you might luck out and the other team pics the shorter open shot. Don't go for puts out of you or your partners range, if you go for a 40 footer and end up 30 long then it starts all over again. ***Both partners have to make the putt in worst shot*** I suggest lob putting anything out side the circle. 

I think Worst Shot works better in a bring-your-partner doubles than random draw.  At the very least, it needs to be in a field divided by skills so that a rank beginner doesn't doom the team.  It also works better on a course that's not too brutal---perhaps even an easier course, where added challenge is a plus.

There's a saying that playing best shot tests your teamwork---but playing worst shot tests your friendship.

One suggestion I have for anyone running a worst shot event is that you only require one made putt.  If you don't, and the first player misses a putt, the second player just lays up, even from 10'.  Blah. 


I respect Jim's opinion and distaste for "worst shot", but disagree with your characterization.  The point isn't to reward bad play (as "worst score" would) or to penalize good shots.  It's to require both members of a team to make good shots.  You could just as well impugn "best shot" doubles because bad shots go without punishment---as long as the partner makes a better shot. 

"Worst shot" is a matter of teamwork because the weak link on the team is vulnerable.  It also involves strategy, since the first thrower wants to throw well, but not outthrow his partner's ability, so he's weighing how aggressive to be, or not.

Your first example is one of how worst should should NOT be used---where players are of such unequal ability that the weaker player's shots will almost always be played. 

Yes, made baskets should count. There is no reason to take away a good shot. But technically that is called "tough shot". And even aces would not count in true worst shot.

I just choose not to play it because I don't enjoy it and it really adds nothing to the game. Best shot doubles allows a team to make a few mistakes but if both partners pull together they will do well. And there is more of a green light to "go for it".

"Tough shot".  Right, I stand corrected.  I couldn't think of the term.  Superior, in my opinion, to "worst shot".

This weekend we've got a couple dozen people coming to play 24 holes---8 best shot, 8 tough shot, 8 alternating shot.  It should be interesting.  Especially since the 8 holes for tough shot include 2 of the toughest holes on the course; there'll be a real premium on multiple accurate throws.

I certainly understand you not playing because you don't enjoy it.  I don't enjoy handicapped play, and have absolutely no interest in engaging in it.  Yet I recognize that many others do.



Thanks for the thoughts David.some good points.

Not a fan of Worst Shot in comparison to Tough Shot which I developed in 1990. We were hosting the 1990 Senior Overalls. I figured hosting an unofficial Tough Shot doubles round would be a good way for the visiting players to learn the disc golf course and discover where they didn't want to land once the real singles event got underway.

The only strategy I can see for the weaker partner is to throw lower power shots more likely to land in play. It sucks in Worst Shot, but in Tough Shot the better partner can usually go for the pin throwing second unless OB is a factor.

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