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So on a raised basket, lets just say the basket is 7 feet off ground level. If you land on top it not a stoke for the 2 meter rule, because the top of the basket is a playing surface. 

So what if the disc lands in a tree 5 feet above the basket, and its dead center with the pole?

(A) Do you say the top of the basket is a playing surface, so its within the 2 meter rule...
(B) Or its more the 2 meters off the ground and is a stroke...
(C) Other

I think I would have to go with B, but if it happend to me I would have to fight for my score

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"a one throw penalty for discs that come to rest two meters or higher above the playing surface"

See that what I was getting to, Ive always been told that the top of the basket is a playing surface. So if that is true it would be 2m above the basket, but only if its directly above it.
yeah good shots dont end up in trees
two meter rule is not in the pdga official rulebook any longer
The way I understand the rule is that the basket is a playing surface, but not of the type that you would use to measure from for the two meter rule. You use the ground as the beginning point to measure from.
I understand what you are saying, but I believe you would be measuring from the ground regardless of the fact that the disc is above the basket. For example lets say there is a large tree trunk laying on the ground that is big enough to stand on and throw if your disc was perched on it. Now lets take that same disc and transfer it into a tree limb that is above the downed tree trunk. The disc is not 2 meters over the trunk, but it is 2 meters above the ground. What do you think most players would use as the playing surface for measuring in this case? The top surface of the tree trunk on the ground or the ground? Technically it is a playing surface because you could throw from the spot had it landed there, but it is not the ground.
You can't stand on top of the basket and drop your disc in or can you?!?!?!?!? Playing surface?!?! Wouldn't that be like where you are playing from( grass, dirt,....)! And thats why the 2 meter rule Not standing in a tree tossing your disc!
Is there going to be New Rules for 2011 ?
God, I hope not. I wish TD's would revoke the stupid 2 meter rule altogether! We hates it.... They just keep on calling it in "effect"
So do you wish they take out the water hazard as well!! Or how about ob?!?!?!?! In a tree, not reachable(2m or above) = penalty!!!!! Easy solution!!! Don't throw in trees!!!!
I don't mind water hazards or man made obstacles like sidewalks being OB. But a tree is part of the course. The PDGA agrees. Why not the majority of TD's?

"Playing Surface: The area below where the disc came to rest from which the stance for the next shot is taken. The playing surface is generally the ground but can be any surface deemed suitable for play by the tournament director or course official"


Top of the basket is not a "playing surface".  Therefore, if 2-meter is in effect and disc comes to rest on top of a hanging basket over 2 meters, it would be a penalty stroke.



here's a twist on the question, however, regarding the "directly below it" in 
"if a disc has come to rest above two meters, as measured from the lowest point of the disc to the playing surface directly below it".  


does "directly below" mean along the line towards the center of the earth as evidenced by the direction of the pole in the basket OR does it mean along the line towards the closest point of contact with land? i.e.  if ground under the basket was on a slope, the two distances could be different with the first being over 2 meters and the second being under 2 meters.


What if you climb a tree to get your disc and realize you have a better lie up in the tree than at the base.  Can you make the tree a playing surface?  I've seen this done during a casual round and the player was able to hit the green from up in the tree but would have needed two shot from the ground.  So he save 3 strokes by throwing from where his disc landed.

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