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So on a raised basket, lets just say the basket is 7 feet off ground level. If you land on top it not a stoke for the 2 meter rule, because the top of the basket is a playing surface. 

So what if the disc lands in a tree 5 feet above the basket, and its dead center with the pole?

(A) Do you say the top of the basket is a playing surface, so its within the 2 meter rule...
(B) Or its more the 2 meters off the ground and is a stroke...
(C) Other

I think I would have to go with B, but if it happend to me I would have to fight for my score

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boy, for being a random question, you sure were specific.
The basket is elevated a lot from ground level, but is that 7 feet off the ground from the base of the basket or is some of it built onto a hill. I don't know anyone that would waste 7 feet of metal pipe just to elevate a basket like that, if it were elevated do to a hill the hill would be considered playing surface so it would be a mute point. If elevated straight up like that the course designer needs to be shot because then there wouldn't be a way for some younger players to put it in the basket let alone take it out.
B, tap in 5.
Bruce has it right. If the 2-meter rule was put in effect by the T/D prior to the round then you're looking at a stroke but in this case you mark your lie directly below the disc and take your next shot. The target being 7' off the ground has nothing to do with it.

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The Steps are considered part of the playing surface... would it be 6'6" feet above the top step?
I believe the playing surface when used as point of measurement for the 2 meter rule is ground level. There can be things on a course such as the target that are also considered the playing surface, but those items are not the ground and you would not measure the 2 meters from those points. So the discs height above the playing surface would be over two meters in your example. So the answer would be "B"
No. We have a couple of basket positions on top of pyramids that are atleast 7 feet off the regular playing surface.

If you land on top of the basket , somehow , you would still play the next shot from the base of the pin just as you would normally.
Clearly you didn't play Fanshawe at 2003 Junior Worlds..
raised baskets so high on poles adults had to walk with some groups to retrieve discs! This was due to a lack of knowledge on the park staff though I think, and the course no longer exists.
Why would they get rid of the 2 meter rule?!?!? If you throw into a tree( above 2 meters) you should get a penalty!!
I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a hanging basket, that would be a better example.

So if the top of the hanging basket was above 6'6, you would simply drop your mini and drop the putt in. But if it was in the tree limb holding the basket up in the air, would it be a stroke?

Hopefully that clears up my thought process a little lol.

If anybody has a quote from the rule book, I would like to see. I just couldn't find any info on it.
My point was more that a course designer should know well enough to make the course user friendly for everyone to play on, a basket that is set too high from the playing surface prohibits smaller people from retrieving the disc. Better question, If the basket itself is over 2M and you cannot hole out do you have to take a stroke?

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