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I think you should consider 803.07(C).  I have never really known what the rule authors meant by "consciously" in that rule, but you weren't unconcious or in a fugue state, presumably. 

But don't quit playing league over a stupid mistake, especially if that player does not think it affected his score any.  Most leagues play by relaxed PDGA rules anyway. 

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You're interpreting "Observed" as having to be seen at the time of the infraction versus "Observed" meaning "recognized" or "discovered" at any time before the event is over which is the true meaning. Primarily the time limit rules like the ones I mentioned cannot be applied at a later time.

Alright Chuck, what about this. Say that the same thing happened (only this time it was a foot fault) and the player admitted his mistake after the round but nobody called it during the round. Now what would happen since the penalty for that would be a warning. What if the player admitted to doing it multiple times? There simply is no provision for this sort of thing in the rules since it needs to be observed by at least one member of the group and seconded by another. I realize that all of this is hypothetical and highly unlikely. I doubt that any player would all of a sudden decide that they had to admit to foot fault violations or that nobody in a group would not see it and in fact call it.

Also in my case all of the awards (money) had been given out by the time I noticed what was going on. In fact, by the time I noticed that I had my friend's disc he had already won his playoff for second. So according to the rules, no score change could be made at that time.

I already pointed out that foot faults are time dependent calls so not relevant to this discussion.

The TD declares when an event is over. You were the de facto TD. Since you never formally declared the event over even with the payouts being distributed, you still had the power to correct the problem should it have been necessary. For example, let's say a player discovered a penalty situation just before the award ceremony started. He waits until the awards are distributed before telling the TD, figuring the event is over an the penalty couldn't be applied. The TD discovers from some other player that this player held back the info that affected the resutls. The TD could report this player to the PDGA for cheating. Although in your case, the error was discovered right about the time the payouts were completed, don't you think TDs should be held to a higher standard to avoid the possible hint of cheating?

I would disagree that I was in any way a de facto TD. A TD has to take a rules test and all that I have to do is show up and take money. But that is kind of beyond the point since my partner had already left with his money. In the end, trying to say that this was indeed a penalty (which I don't agree that it was since nobody in the group called it) and trying to get everyone back to the course would have just been beyond the scope of what could have been accomplished in this particular situation.

I still believe (and you can disagree) that the interference call would be time dependent as well. Anyway, there is an obvious difference between a real tournament and a weekly "friendly doubles'. In both cases the rules need to be observed but being that our competitions are much less formal it just wouldn't have made any sense to try and remedy the situation in any other way than it was taken care of. I admitted fault, apologized to my friend and we all went about our business.

Definitely an interesting discussion however and maybe the whole time dependence of this rule (or not) could be more explicitly laid out in the rules.

All of my discussion was how it could have been done in a sanctioned event, especially since doubles rules are less well defined. I presume you made the original post to find out what should have been done under the assumption you did the right thing for your particular situation which wasn't sanctioned.

You are correct and I do appreciate your input. I will definitely know this rule in the future and how it applies. Thanks for chiming in with the information.

Hopefully in the future I won't have any more huge brain farts and I will only be picking up my disc.

I forgot to turn in the scorecard at lunch after playing for almost 20 years which penalized everyone on my card 2 throws. Hopefully the only time that will ever happen but I expect I may suffer some other brain farts if I play another 20.

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