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Hi everybody!

The latest message to all members stated that "Discgolfers are REAL Americans.". I am European, a German to be precise. Does that mean that I am not a discgolfer? Or not a real one?
I vote in all our elections. Unfortunately non of them is on November 2nd, so I guess I'm excluded. Maybe there should be something like a guest account for non-US-American-disc-in-basket-throwers.

Anyway - you all should vote on November 2nd. And don't forget to make a good choice...

Best wishes from Hamburg (the one in Germany)


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When did you receive this information and what is the source? I think what is meant is that serious disc golfers 'in America' are good representations of the good people the American culture (society) can produce.
I'm sure it was just an oversight....we Americans aren't the smartest bunch....just look at our current Govt. it's all eff'd up!!

It should say "DIsc Golfers are REAL People" That should cover the bases of political correctness.
I received this information on October 24th at 22:43 (UTC+1). It was the beginning of the the message titled "Win a $200+ Bag & Discs Set - Just by Voting on November 2". The first lines are:
"A message to all members of www.DiscGolfersR.Us
Discgolfers are REAL Americans. Get out and VOTE! Please tell all your disc golfing buddies!"

Of course I as well can guess what the meaning is. My touchy reply was meant as a reminder to the fact that there is a world outside the US of A. And there are discgolfers in that world: in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada (a kind of Americans as well - please don't kill me) and many other countries. They are REAL Germans, Swedes, Fins... you get my point. And I at least hope most of them vote when their time comes without the lure of a filled disc golf bag.

Maybe I am just too cranky at the moment.


I think the intent here was to encourage Discgolfers to vote by giving them a shot at winning a prize, I don't think any harm was mean by it or to imply Discgolfers in other countrys are not real Discgolfers. I live in Calif. and work in Leipzig Germany do you know of any DG Courses that are close to Leipzig.
Auf Deutsch bitte...
Yeah, we do forget that there is life outside of America sometimes. You speak our language, but we drink your beer. Actually I drink local, but you taught us right? Wow, now I'm sounding like a true idiot, but then we grow that locally. ;-) By the way, I'm 3/4 German by heritage, much to your shame! I've often said that it's the 1/4 Swede in me that makes me a good disc golfer (because of Jesper Lundmark and Marcus Kallstrom), but I'll have to revise that so as to not offend the rest of my ancestry now. Sorry Frank.

Cheers from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA.
Thanks Frank... I will be voting. And like millions of other real American disc golfers I will be voting to take back my country from the hands of those who are destroying everything it means to be an American. While I am voting I will be clinging onto my bible and my shotgun. No more trickle up poverty! Hallelujah!
I don't believe that it was meant to be a slight to any disc golfers in other countries. just a little incentive to us lazy americans, if everyone who was eligible to vote actually did get out and vote, maybe we actually could change the way our government works. But, there are FAR too many people out there that don't vote, have never voted, and have no intention of voting, it makes me sick. I vote, I've voted in every election since 1980, in all that time only twice have the people I voted for actually got elected, but I keep on voting. My wife say's that once a politician is elected there is no difference between the parties. They ALL belong to the *get me reelected party* I think this is sad, but basically true. So if a chance to win free stuff gets even one more person to get out there and vote I'm all for it.
voting is hogwash anyways. if you think your vote counts they you are mistaken. sounds silly? NO, its the truth, just look back at the election where they decided to not count all the votes..........remember? Hint, Bush won............ahhhhhhhhhh, thats right. Id like to know how Granholm was re-elected here in Michigan, last time I checked, no one in my community voted for her. Special interests have paid the way for jerked off government, you could use the point that thats how Obama won the election, because of all the new voters that stepped up, thats just an illusion pushed upon us by the media. We are far gone from having a choice in the matter of who our presidents will be. There are no more trusted, elected officials. They buy their way in!

JMO.........if it makes you feel better to vote............then vote.

Being an American isnt even that cool anymore, I sure hope the rest of the world doesnt look at the average citizen in the same light as our government.
It does make me feel better, so yes, I vote. Though I have to agree with Jeffery's wife. Once elected they all switch to the "*get me reelected party*." Regardless, voting gives me a sense of entitlement. Once I cast my ballot, I feel entitled to write a letter or send an e-mail to ask for consideration of my point of view and remind them that the next election is just around the corner and I could work for their opponent.
I guess I am not a real discgolfer.... and I do live in the USA! I can't win the stuff either.....
Sorry for the oversight. I'm sure the author forgot, as I do on occasion, that we aren't just e-mail our local friend, but friends around the world.

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