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What do you do to get your head straight after completely chundering a tournament?


I have been shooting lights out lately. I have posted several 950+ rated rounds and a handful of 1000+ rated rounds over the past 8 months. My practice routine hasn't changed. I haven't changed my routine going into a tourney. My putting routine is locked down and improved steadily over the last 3 months. So why the crappy tourney results?


I am trying to get my head wrapped around what went wrong. I started birdie, birdie, birdie, and then a string of pars all the way through to 13 on which I hit chain or basket on 7 of those holes for birdie misses. Then I missed a mando, went OB, and triple bogey'd a hole that I only bogey on my worst days. I got back on par, but hit chain or basket on every hole to miss birdie all the way until 18. On 18 I over drove a massive hole uphill to go OB, WTF.


The second round got worse. I hit every bad break I could possibly hit and was still in there for hitting lots of long birds and got spit outs, blow throughs, you name it. I got Iron leafed, rolled away, cars honking during run ups, and played with a group that wouldn't stop walking around in front of my putts. I am really trying to tell myself that it was just not my day, and that it was bad luck and there are just days like that.

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This time of the year when I play poorly I say, "It's my allergies."  Sometimes I'll say, "Well, there are reasons why I have the rating I have, and today you can see 10 or 12 of those reasons." 

I'd focus on those first three birdies, let out a big sigh over the rest of the day and move on.  It's only frisbee golf. 

You need to have a very short term memory. If you have a bad hole you need to get rid of it in your mind by the time you get to the next tee.

If someone is walking in front of your putts then just call it. If they continue they will get stroked.

After the round beer helps.

One thing I had to work on was speed of play, when i practice I play very quick rounds. However in a tournament you looking at at least double that time. As far as missed putts, You have to keep Your head thinking that "I know I can make this putt", and not "what did I do wrong on my last putt" I never had a real issue with people walking or talking as I'm throwing, but the people I play with never stop talking and often keep walking while I'm putting. 

I also have learned to putt a few different ways, so if I get to a tournament and just can spin putt with accuracy. I can quickly change to a lob putt and forget about what I was doing wrong.

Dang Dook. I am sorry to hear it. BUT, EXACTLY what you are explaining is my Normal world of Disc Golf....

I will say, I have only played in 3 tourneys so far. I practiced my A#$ off for all 3 and BIT THE BIG ONE at all 3. Shot like total Poo Poo. BUT, the 2 round of the last Tourney I played I just quit caring, calmed myself down, and Relaxed. My score improved 13 strokes over my 1st round score that same day. Pitiful, but it opened my eyes....

The ONLY reason I am even chiming in is Because I have this type of day Frequently. I shoot a -4 at a course one day, then a +5 the next day for the same types of reasons you are talking about. If I try and Reason it, or think through it, I will mess up worse. If I take it in the patootie and just move on to the next shot, I know it will get better. If not today, tomorrow is another.... I have to Physically and Mentally make myself RELAX EVERY SHOT. ESPECIALLY on days like your talking about.

There ARE just days like that, my Friend. AND, Jim is right, BEER DOES HELP after those days.... :)

Could be a few reasons. Some bad luck and some in your head. The only tourny I ever won, I did a few diff things. Mind you it worked for ME.

1. just playing a few rounds of disc golf....what tourny?

2. did not check my score till the end of the round. This was huge for me, because it turned out. I had to have a play off since it was a two way tie. I KNOW I would have pushed myself had I known there was a tie, but I didn't. So I just played MY GAME.

3. I played my game. No, I really did! and I didn't really care what the other people were doing.

Finally, some days just don't work out. Ya know, hit chains, spits out, and then rolls 200' down a hill (thanks Napa!). Just know you can only control certains things and the ones you can't. You just have to forget about them. I mean really forget about them. Not just use it as a mantra!

A good friend once told me "Allow yourself to play bad."

Now when you think about this, you say huh, what?

Step back and see the big picture.

You know what to do and how to handle any situation.

Let the pressure of perfect be no more.

Everyone makes an occasional bad shot, round or day of anything. EVERYONE....

It's how you look at it and handle it.

Except for physical ailments and weather, who is in control? You eventually are.

Quoted from a 'golf' article:

I once heard a story about the way Jack Nicklaus reacted to a missed putt. A fan, the story goes, said to Jack after missed a short putt, "Sorry you missed that one, Jack." Jack's response was: "I didn't miss the putt. It just didn't go in."
Have been working on my own attitude ( and it's amazing hearing the response from others in the group ) stay positive, shake off bad shots, you could make a great shot from that bad shot.
Look at Phil Mikelson's style of golf.... it is not perfect but works for him.

That is Awesome Advice.... :) I have been trying to take this type of approach. I LOVE THIS GAME. I am VERY competitive and that will never go away. But, what I have been noticing taking this type of approach is that my bad shots don't turn out as  "Bad" as I thought they were. I screw myself up so bad Mentally, I don't realize it is not that bad of a shot, or even still a shot at a Deuce. Good stuff, Norbert!!!!

Yeah you got screwed by alot of bad luck and b.s. but you have to just concentrate on the work and forget the circumstance. No excuse for going OB!

Well it definitely helps me to know that EVERYONE has those types of days.  Check out some of the big tournaments that have all the top players.  Most tournaments have one or more of the top pros just having a rough day or even a rough tournament.  Of course their bad score is still a strong score for most players, but when you are ranked at 1030 or 1040 then a 990 or even 970 round is about 5 to 10 strokes worse than what they normally shoot.  That is pretty significant and pretty horrible..... and these are the top players in the world.  So yes everyone has those days, but the best players know how to analyze the problems, make corrections, and come back stronger the next round or the next tourney..... even the next shot! The mental game is huge here of course.  It is easy to keep your confidence and stay relaxed when you are throwing well, but throw a couple shanks in there, some blown pressure putts and some rude players and your mind can be filled with cynicism and doubt.  Tough to get in a groove w/ the chatter of self-doubt in your head..... You ever read Zen Golf?  Essential info for the mental game!! and worth a few reads :)..... It helps if you can play tournaments more often too.  If you are only playing a tournament every 2 or 3 months then you have to sit w/ a bad tournament for awhile and it can put unnecessary pressure on you to perform.  It looks like pros can play 2 to 4 tourneys a month so they can erase those bad tourneys pretty quickly.  Get back on your horse and ride how you know how.

Mark Ellis had some great words that I have followed when he said not to measure your progress/success in disc golf by your score, but by how close and consistent you are with hitting your lines......... keep on throwing Dook and keep on enjoying it!! :)  Oh and remember that progress usually doesn't move up in a straight line, but with peeks and valleys.  2 steps forward 1 back, 3 forward 2 back.  Strange, but it happens!  Probably because of new techniques we are trying to learn, small tweeks we have made or grand ideas we are trying to work out.  

Ok now I'm done ranting! :) lol

the peaks and valleys is right

I'm getting over it, been out on the course playing already. Trying to just write it off to it being one of those days when everything came together, in the wrong direction. A day when an inch or two was the margin for disaster. Its just a bummer when you really aren't pushing, not trying, over confident, under confident, and in the zone for weeks on end and then BOOM, chunder.


That, or somebody waxed the chains the night before. :)

Oh, you DIDN'T want the Chains Waxed the Night Before? :0

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