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i am in florida on vacation and was today informed by a local golfer that yesterday was the last opportunity to play the Red Hawk Course in Crystal River. Evidently the Plantation Inn complex has been sold to an individual who is not dg friendly. I was set to play it tomorrow, darn it all!!!

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When I went to play it- I had to change, but I did as they asked. In the PDGA course directory it did NOT say anything about having a dress code, that was an important but of information that should not have been overlooked. I have played 12+ other golf courses that did not so I had no reason to expect that they did.
One of the last posts was correct. It was the TOURING PROS that ruined this beautiful course in Florida. Destroying rooms, Blazin out, you know all the stuff that will never allow this sport to grow. Living here in Fl, Sun King has done nothing but good things trying to promote the sport. He installed, with help From Denny, one of the true gems anywhere in the country. Now it is gone. Thank you to everyone that ruined it for the rest of us. I know I'm supposed to act like everyone here is my friend, and a true friend would tell you that you screwed up. The funny thing is there is a petition going around about trying to get disc golf as an olympic sport. That is funny. The olympic commitee has drug tests don't they? Yeah, that will work. I guess the only true people to blame would be the tournament directors everywhere that don't enforce this rule in the PDGA rule book. How many times have you smelled or seen someone blazin during a Supertour or an A-tier. I have, many times. Well I apologize for the rant, but stuff like this really ticks me off.
I had to tell someone to put it away in an A-Tier, that was being filmed once, like 7 years ago. He copped an attitude about it during the round, but I saved him from being disqualified in my opinion.
I have no problem with whatever people do on their own, with regard to ways of getting high or drunk, but it should be pretty doggoned simple to just follow the rules of the game during play. I mean, if we're NOT all following the rules, we're not even playing the same game, and what's the point. If someone gets away with that during a sanctioned event that I am in, they're doing a darned good job of hiding it from me.

I think it's a shame that the course got pulled. It ruins a lot of hard work by people. Disc golf seems to have an especially tough job of overcoming various kinds of class resistance, especially I think in the south.

Unfortunately, along with the diverse group of people who play disc golf, comes a pretty diverse set of behaviors. I remember when I stopped by at least 3x, at a room in the host hotel during the Des Moines Worlds, and told the guys: "(a) Hey, you can smell that in the hallway, do something about it; (b) Hey put a towel or something under the door, you're gonna get caught; and (c) Hey, you have a suite, for heaven's sake, can't you just do that in the back room, behind yet another door."

Turns out that there was a local DEA conference at the hotel next door and some of them came to our hotel Sunday afternoon for dinner, smelled the smoke, and busted the room full of players. I heard, later, that they got out of jail in time the next morning to make their first round, but I don't have any first-hand knowledge of that.

But, man, it was SO stupid and SO obvious. Yet they didn't seem to have a clue about what was appropriate.
That's very unfortuniate. I am sorry for the loss to the locals and the clubs in the area. It's not even the fact that these players' ruined tha ourse by breaking a PDGA rule. IT"S ILLEGAL!!! Keep it at home! Every tourney I have ever played has those players. I don't care what you do on your own time. Keep it at home. It's crazy how dishonest some people are. Stashes in minis, mixed drinks with v-water and I know of a golfer that just dumps out the water in their bottle and fills it with Vodka. Even inbetween rounds in front of the TD. I don't smoke pot but I do have friends and follow golfers that do. They know I don't, so out of respect they don't do it around me.

Also if these were touring pros, I would like to think that the PDGA and their sponsors are informed who they are a justified action is taken.

As far as the park being the one to say enough is enough, I am sure someone knew about it prior to the park addressing the situation. So it makes me wonder what happened there? Was the local club 'trying' to take care of it?
Very Sad . Can anything be done ?
boooooo. How many more N. Central Florida courses will disappear??

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