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I know we all hate to lose a disc, and it always seems to be that one disc you use the most. But what is even worse,is when you are playing on the course, and there at the hole is a fellow disc golfer using your disc you lost the week before. I don't know about anyone here but when I get a new disc, I put on my email, name and phone, hoping that if I lose it, someone will have the courtesy to try and contact me to return it. But the other day, as I am waiting for the foursome in front of me to play, another golfer pulled out of his bag a disc that looked very familiar. He turned to one of the others in his group and even bragged about finding it and not calling the name because when loses a disc no one ever calls him, so why should he do it. I walked over, being polite as I possibly can, said, please return that disc to the rightful owner, ME! He was shocked, asked to see some id, and then said, "I fished it out of a tree so the disc stays with me. If you don't have the equipment to retrieve it, then why are you out here?" When I tried to reason with him, he looked at me, and then launched it into the middle of the lake. He laughed and said, fetch boy, fetch! Being the person I am, I turned and walked away. I know most disc golfers are not like him, but if have someone's disc sitting in your bag, and it has ID on it, please try and return it. If you don't give it a try, then you might as well, go to the nearest store and steal one. It is basically the same.

Oh and by the way, even though I wanted to beat the crap out of the guy, he got what he deserved. He lost 3 discs that day and failed to qualify for day two of the tournament.

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Ahhhh Karma...you gotta love it. Matter of fact. I leave a little "Karmic revenge note" on the bottom of my CE plastic. Haven't lost one yet. So I don't know if it has helped?
Thats just awful. What kind of disc did he throw in the lake? I would not have held back on that guy, unfortunately.
what an asshole. why not give it back if your gonna launch it into the lake? if he didnt care enough about it to want keep it, return it. well return it anyway but that just seems like a retarded thing to do.
you shoulda grabbed one of his out of his bag and ripped it into the lake and "there were even, what you didnt come to the course prepared to retreive your disc from the bottom of the lake, then why are you out here" :)
man that is crazy it seems like he just wanted to get into a fight. know I have some questions was this during a tournament?
did you talk to him afterwards how did you know he lost 3 disc? how big was he? lol j/k. if it was during a tournament it seems like something else should have happend I don't know the rulebook like some do but it just seems wrong.
Mad props to you for not knocking some teeth out your a better man than me.. i had the same situation occur at my home course had a very recognizable tye dye show up in another players hand walked over took it from his hand and told him what an ass he was for not trying to return it he started acting squirrely with me told him his dental bill wasnt worth the hassle turns out he was the younger brother of one of my employees at the time had a nice long talk with his brother concerning the matter..since that time he has been considerate enough to call other players i know when plastic was found and i actually found a couple of his and returned them.. i dont condone violence as a motivator..and to any and all of the ppl who read this i dont suggest this action..however as much plastic as i have returned to ppl without getting mine back better look twice before you pull my plastic out to throw..i am still missing a tye dye valk first disc i ever bought and an ace disc too boot only one i would ever care to get back will pay reward and even buy you some new plastic to get it back..it has my name number and pdga number in it also bang bang #2 wickham written in it.. and again much respect for the way you handled the situation and glad karma kicked his butt for his stupidity.....
it would great if someone saw that happen picked him up and threw him in the lake. and said swim boy, swim!
I have to disagree on this subject matter. Even though I return all plastic I find and or put it in the lost and found as I run our weekly minis, you have no right to demand your plastic back. When you lose a disc in the park, look for no matter how long, then give up, quit searching and finish playing, then in the end leave the park, you no longer have a legal right to it.
I agree that we should all try our best to return lost discs but the bottom line is, if you give up on finding it and leave, you shouldn't get too worked up when someone else throws it. Yeah, I'd tell them the disc used to be mine and I'd sure like it back, can I give you a couple bucks or something. But, to want to throw down over a disc you gave up on, I mean come on, think about it.
BTW, I ended up throwing away a pair of shoes after getting into a creek the other day to retrieve my JK Pro Valk when I couldn't find it with a stick for over a half hour. Man, the mud was that grey-black stink hole crap, it sucked but I was damn determined that Valk was going home with me and not some disc diver.
One more thing, I really don't like people that find discs and don't make the effort to return them, and that guy that threw your disc in the lake, that is probably a different story as far as being punched in the neck.
If that was during a tournament you should have penalized him strokes.
You could have let him keep it, got a little clearance from him and called the cops and told them he had your "stolen" disc...
I agree with you Nascar Dave, as crappy as the guy's actions were, once i leave the course, i consider it gone. I would have said something to him though, like: "Hey, you got my dog poop disc. I tossed it after it landed in a pile of ,.....". Something to that effect.
I am a calm person. Unless the disc has more value then the 10 or possibly 20 to 30 bucks I just let them keep it and usually don't say something unless I know them.
That's not necessarily true in all cases and jurisdictions. At Lakeshore, privately owned, any found disc is property of the landowner and should be returned to lost and found. Even if abandoned, it's not yours to keep as it's private land.
This topic keeps coming up and I keep being surprised by some of the responses. When something is found, be it a wallet, phone, or disc, the person who finds it is legally obligated to take certain steps to return it. For example, raw cash is turned in to the authorities and held for X amount of days until someone can prove ownership. After that, the person that found it can claim the money. In the case of a disc with a name an number on it, if you don't call you are a thief plain and simple. I don't care how long it took to get out of a tree or how cold the water was or whatever.

I'm not just talking about the law here either, it's also a matter of ethics. A person has not right to say that they can keep a disc just because they climbed a tree or braved a bush to get it. The owner might be five minutes behind with a branch, or returning the next day with a ladder. It sets a dangerous precedent when someone decides to keep something just because they feel like they have earned it somehow. That is no different than keeping a disc just because no one has returned one to you. Personally, I hope to hold myself to higher standards than that.

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