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I know we all hate to lose a disc, and it always seems to be that one disc you use the most. But what is even worse,is when you are playing on the course, and there at the hole is a fellow disc golfer using your disc you lost the week before. I don't know about anyone here but when I get a new disc, I put on my email, name and phone, hoping that if I lose it, someone will have the courtesy to try and contact me to return it. But the other day, as I am waiting for the foursome in front of me to play, another golfer pulled out of his bag a disc that looked very familiar. He turned to one of the others in his group and even bragged about finding it and not calling the name because when loses a disc no one ever calls him, so why should he do it. I walked over, being polite as I possibly can, said, please return that disc to the rightful owner, ME! He was shocked, asked to see some id, and then said, "I fished it out of a tree so the disc stays with me. If you don't have the equipment to retrieve it, then why are you out here?" When I tried to reason with him, he looked at me, and then launched it into the middle of the lake. He laughed and said, fetch boy, fetch! Being the person I am, I turned and walked away. I know most disc golfers are not like him, but if have someone's disc sitting in your bag, and it has ID on it, please try and return it. If you don't give it a try, then you might as well, go to the nearest store and steal one. It is basically the same.

Oh and by the way, even though I wanted to beat the crap out of the guy, he got what he deserved. He lost 3 discs that day and failed to qualify for day two of the tournament.

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Well said sean
I 2nd that, my philosophy is just same. I wish everyone thought that way.
i lose every disc i buy and find, so this discussion is a moot point to me. i call it recirculating the disc. if i find your disc, i will try to return it. but if i can't get in touch with someone, and throw the disc, it never fails. i'll lose it somehow. i also lose most discs i buy. noone ever calls me when they find them. i've had two returned to me only after playing casual rounds with new people. until i get less careless with my discs, i will continue to circulate and recirculate plastic, all over south alabama.
Third, and it really is two sets of ethics. One, you should always try to return what is not rightfully yours. Two, once you decide to give up on it, you should then lower your expectations and demands that it be returned to you.

Another little side story. About a month ago, a friend who I hadn't seen in a month or so returned one of my discs, a nice dyef KC Pro Teebird, and as I said above, I didn't expect it back. After he gave it to me, I turned it over and my info was still on it, however so was someone elses. It's funny because they also wrote if found, please call and return. Kind of ironic that someone would expect it back when they made absolutely no effort to return the disc to me when they found it. I bought the disc brand new but I would have just told whoever found it to just keep it. Too bad that wasn't the case.
Good point Ben and I think a lost and found should be available on public courses as well provided there is a place for one such as the local club or a rec center etc.
The ones I love are the people that call to say they have your disc and that they will send it to you. I had this happen to me this past summer. I had lost a disc while playing a round with my 2 year old son. I looked for it for a good hour when my son started to act up (like a normal 2 year old would when he's board). So instead of causing anymore of a scene on the course I gave up and went home. A few weeks later I got a call from a guy on the other side of the state saying he found my disc while playing one of his local courses. I gave him my info and he said it will be in the mail the next day. Well that was back in June and I still haven't gotten that disc back. To bad I was going to send him some plastic back for returning it. His loss. Now I have replaced it with 2 more that I finaly got beaten in to the state that one was. Figured I would work on 2 so this didn't happen again.
Many people know how their beat-in discs fly,exactly. There is no new disc to replace knowing what a disc is going to do every time.

No matter what, you can at least try calling.
I call the owner and leave the disc on my windshield next time I play. Sometime they pick it up and sometimes say keep it, not worth the trip to the course.
Sometimes people don't get the call or message. Last week I made the 3rd call on a lost disc (over 2 months later and 2 voicemails left) and the guy picked up this time and is coming in to the Throw Shop to get it back at some point.
Yeah.. Karma works in mysterious ways. I'm sure even the friends of that dude want to or HAVE wanted to punch that guy in the teeth. You showed a lot a control. I don't care what kind of disc it is.. if it has a number.. I'm calling it till I talk the the guy/gal that owns it. I'll mail it if the guy is way out of the way of driving. I expect other people to do the same but some disc divers just don't do that. They take all the disc and keep the ones they want.. scrub the names the best they can and sell the others to Play It Again Sports or other shops.

I've yet to receive a call back for any of my seasoned, go to discs... .. it's all gravy.
Congrats on not beating the hell out of the guy. If I find a disc, with contact information on the bottom, I do the best I can to return the disc to the rightful owner. I got some great advice on returning discs when I stated playing. Karma works, someone may return your disc. Worse case you return someone's disc and you got someone new to play the course with. I have admit though, no info on the disc, it goes in my bag. Current score: I've lost three with none returned. I've found three with no info. I've returned six. Those guys always stop and chat when we see each other on the courses.

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