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Which do u prefer and is there a need for both to be in the bag?

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It could be Jeff that you are hyzer flipping the Rivers, in which case they will go dead nuts straight once they flip up. (Awesome by the way) A Leopard will flip up as well, but then it will still turn and then fight out to fade. I can get the River to flip up and turn, but even on heavy pulls they don't turn much once they flip up. The Core and Fuse will flip up and go dead nuts to, so reliable like that.

Do u use hyzer flips regularly? I only throw them into a head wind. Otherwise I'm normally throwing flat and letting the disc do what it does. Also do u pull through at the same height or reach back lower for flips?

My home course has such a variety of shots that I pull low, high, hyzer, anny, long turnovers, uphills, downhills. I really end up using most of the tricks in bag every round. I am naturally a low pull hyzer flip kinda player if I am just standing in a field throwing for fun.

You know, I wouldn't doubt it Dook. I have the SMALLEST LITTLE Hobbit hands in the world. It has been a detriment to finding discs and I have had to learn to work through it. There are certain rim sizes (Usually in the Speed 7-8 category) that I just CANNOT make work in my hand. If I try to grip them like a Driver (full power grip) they end up leaving my hand on a Hyzer. If I try a modified power grip (what I use on my Mids), they end up coming out early and I get NO distance out of them. 

If I recall, I was Always running Power Grip on the River because of the rim Depth and the amount of dome in the flight plate. I couldn't hang on to it otherwise. SO, I'll bet your right Dook. I was Probably pulling it with the wing down a bit and consistently Hyzer flipping it. Crapola.....

Oh well.... I'll go Hyzer Flip my Pro Vulcan into a Roller again and try and feel manly about my Little School Girl Hands.... ;) Thanks Dook. You Rock. Hope JuJu is doing well, BTW.

I have a hard time putting a disc out on big spike anny lines. There is this guy at La Mirada, been playing for years. He told me to take my pinky finger off the disc when trying to throw anny's. He was right, it cleared the way for my other fingers (Which aren't big) to roll the flight plate up more. Was such a simple thing, at first I thought he was nuts, but I was wrong.


Juju is doing great brother, playing in the all ladies event this weekend with her sissy. I'm on Caddy Daddy duty. I love it though.


Ps- Love my Vulcan still too...hehehe 

Makes sense... I'll have to try this. I just remember to arch my back a bit for the big spike annyz but ill give this a shot too. Thx :)

Sweet.... :) A new Technique to try! I used to throw with a 3 finger power grip, so it shouldn't be that weird.

Glad to hear JuJu is rippin' it up with the "Daddy Caddy" at her side! ;)

I arch my back and pull from low to high as well, just not as much when I use the 3 finger grip. You'll have to play with the mix to get the feel right, but has been a nice little technique for me.

There is a run of"Leopards" that are not leopards rather they are in fact TEEBIRDS. Champion plastic in the yellow color spectrum. Holy shit they messed up big this time. The stamper or molder is FUBARed.

I throw Leopards and Rivers and love them both. I do think the River has more glide than the Leopard. I have a proline and a ce Leopard and they both fly differently so I would not necessarily say a Leopard is more understable than the River either. My ce is less stable but the proline is more stable than my River and they are all seasoned pretty well.

I figured out why I have both of these in my bag now...... the leopard feels more like a driver to me, while the river feels more like a midrange even though it is faster.  It's probably just my lack of experience, but I just feel like the river needs to be thrown slower and smother while the leopard requires a bit more arm speed and snap.  Although i do have a yellow champ leopard so maybe swamp thing is right and I've got a teebird instead of a leopard. :) 

the river i my bag is my most accurate disc . i have other discs that get more distance but come out way right or left , where i can either park-it or hit my narrow alley with my river !

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