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I have only ever owned 175g Rocs because that was the weight of my first one and it worked great. I have had dx, glow, and KC pro plastics and my favorite is glow(they usually come out flatter on top) followed by KC(for being slightly more stable than the others) and Finally DX for its ability to beat in fast and having a little more glide.

I lost two the other day in one round on back to back holes(the greenery is out of control at my course) and need to replace them and buy some backups.

I was wondering what I should expect if I was to buy lighter or heavier weights.

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175g pleas
I also prefer to throw the glo rocs. I carry 3 in my bag and they are all 180. I feel like I have a little more control with the heavier weights.
I just love the feel of the glow ones in my hand and how they fly
175g or lower for me. Any larger than that. It feels like I'm throwing a rock! Yes pun intended..
But how much lower? Whats the lowest you've gone and still been controllable in the wind and resists turnover?
177, two lucky slevens
I have a 172g Champ, Rancho. Might be because it's Champ plastic, but there is no diff into a headwind. I know it's a head game, but the light feel just seems to make it "pop" out of my hand. I've tried the 180g and they just don't do it for me. Problem is trying to FIND anything in the 170 to 175 range.
Weight is only important if you think it is important. Probably anything within 5 grams doesn't matter. Within 10 grams is more about preference than how they fly.

Rocs max out at 180 grams. So a 170 gram Roc should glide a bit farther than a 180 gram Roc. The 180 gram might fight the wind a bit better. All things being equal the heavier disc should be a bit more overstable BUT things are never actually equal so you can likely find a 170 gram which is more overstable than another at 180 grams.

I was helping run a World Championships one year (2001 at South Bend, Indiana ?) and had the chance to follow the lead group in Pro Masters. Stan McDaniel had a great round (no surprise there) and demonstrated superb control with his Roc. At some point I picked up Stan's Roc and handed it to him. I glanced at it and it was 172 grams and considerably beat up. This did surprise me. At the time I thought all the Pros threw max weight discs.

Some Pros religiously throw Max weight everything. I think they would throw just as well as lower weights. I also think if we took a disc which really was 175 grams and wrote 180 on it they would never know unless they put it on a scale. I find it entertaining when a player is looking for max weight and rejects a disc which is one gram shy, even thought they love the feel, color and dominess of the disc.
I prefer flat tops at 170. Just seems to work perfect for me.
i have a friend who owns a 150 and it barely turns (unless you putt anhyzer or roll your wrist . wind might change it but what i think is it is how you throw the disc that really makes it that stable propper form and weight should not matter that much .( my friend gets the best distance from his rocs with the 150.
I75 works for me.

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