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Not too DG related but I did miss league today because of it, I was long boarding last night with my brother and a couple friends and as I foolishly tried to join my brother and friend being pulled by the bicycle my other friend was riding, I lost my footing and stayed on the board too long as I fell off to the left I stepped hard only on my left side of my left foot witch cracked it sideways and under my leg , throwing all 220 lbs on it, I hurt so bad like I snapped it off , all around the left ball bone on the left side swolled up like a tennis ball, my brother hurried to the house and picked us all up in the truck, when I got home it swolled up even more when we took the shoe off, it looke like a grape fruit,, its able to slowly take weight on it, but very slowly, when It first happend , after the pain was hitting me for like 2 minutes I got hot flashes fuzzed out, couldnt see a thing with my eyes wide open and had to make myself control my beathing, this almost happend again when I woke up and stood up , not even really standing on it, what should I do for the next weak, I have no insurance and dont think its broke "I really hope" . Ive iced it and kept it elevated since I got home last night, but havent wrapped it yet , when should I wrap it and how long do I keep it wrapped, do stop Icing when its wrapped or what? btw the swelling was down by about half when I woke up this afternoon but its still funky looken , a bit bulgy and the same pain when moving it like around the joints of the ankle on all sides.

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Go buy a good ankle brace.
I'm not a doctor but I have a long history of spraining ankles and rehabbing them without benefit of doctor visits. Being naturally uncoordinated has facilitated this history. I take a very aggressive approach to injury rehab. It works for me but may not work for everyone.

I think I know when my ankle is sprained but not shattered. What I do is a steady cycle of ice then stretch, ice then stretch, ice then stretch. I try to get back on it as soon as possible and as much as my pain tolerance allows but always followed by ice then stretch. Just before I use it, I go to heat to loosen it up and pop ibuprofen.

Ice is magic. Stay on the ice cycle until the ankle is no longer swollen, even if that means weeks. If you use it and it swells back up, ice it some more.

The ankle braces they have now are superb. Lace one up tight as heck. Really as tight as you can tolerate. The braces have plastic splints in the sides so you cannot bend your ankle once it is on. You may not be very mobile but you won't do much damage either.

If I thought my ankle was broken I would have it x-rayed and consult someone in a white coat.

Two summers back I stepped in a deep, hidden hole on the Discraft private course and sprained the heck out of an ankle. It did not feel normal again for 6 months but I was playing on it again (with an ankle brace) in a few days. Within two weeks I was throwing at full power again. I wore the ankle brace for the next year.
that sounds pretty good, I can hardy move my toes, and my ankle up and down when i let it hang but atleast I can move it, so I dont think its broke anywhere, will it feel the same ever again? and should I try to stretch it in between icings right now, the day after it happend and the swelling is half gone/
Yes. Start as soon as possible after the injury. Ice it for 20-30 minutes then gently stretch it for 20-30 minutes then ice it for 20-30 minutes then gently stretch it.....

Ice then stretch for hours on end. You have nothing better to do as you watch TV with your feet propped up. Beer has been known to have an analgesic effect. :)

If it doesn't improve buck up and find a doctor. It should feel much better within a couple days of icing it.
thanks mark, Ive begun the remedy and the analgesic effects are kicking in as well. should I try to strech very very gently and smoothely into the painfull tight areas too or just the ones I can get away with without screaming
Dude, sorry, but you need to get it looked at. Some clinics charge, but they charge on a sliding scale that is determined by how much you make. It may not be broken, but with proper treatment and, oh ya PAIN MEDS :) your rehab will be much shorter. If that doesn't work for you. Ice and ellavation of the limb will help. If you must, you can also ACE bandage it. However this is a tricky thing, because most people put it on to tight or not the right way. If you happen to know a "tape man" they can tape that leg up and still give you some motion. But if you can, I would go to a Doc in the Box!

Good luck
It can be the same with proper care and rehab. Problem is. You don't know if you tore or pulled any muscles or tendons. They can take LONGER to heal than a broken bone. You should really go to a clinic.
Jeremy, You know what happened to Cherie when she was messing around with Christano right? "It's only sprained" she said. She waited before getting it checked out and now she has metal rods in her. The doctor said if she came in when it happened she would have only needed to be casted. If it's like you're describing then my advice would be to go to Mease and get checked out. Either way it sounds like you'll be out of commission for a little bit. I wish you a speedy recovery. I'm hoping the best for you. Not sure how your team did last night as a whole but know that Scott and Alcalde both lost and Charlie and Mike Phillips won.Good luck in whatever you decide.
Sprain-Ice for the first 48 hours-As much as you can take-Aids in the speed of healing.
Keep it elevated above your heart a bit to keep the swelling down.
Ibuprofin will take some of the swelling down and allow it to heal.
If it is broken, you will not be able to move it. Go to the Doctor and get an X-Ray.
You would probably get better answers from a health care or sports medicine website.

If it is only sprained - RICE

Rest - Stay off the foot
Ice - To control swelling and provide pain relief. Never longer than 15 minutes at a time.
Compression - To immobilize and support. If it starts to throb - loosen it up.
Elevate - Keep it above your heart to help with swelling.

If things don't get considerably better after 48 hours - get medical help. All sprains take 4 to 6 weeks to heal, so don't overdo it too soon or you can re-injure yourself.
If you almost passed out or passed out you were going into to shock (I am sure you know that) I would go to a patient first center and have them check it out. It won't be expensive like a hospital.
tough luck brother. hang in there.

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