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i have been having terrible trouble with my "arm" and went to the doctor and he said that what i was describing was a small "tear" or "pull" in my rotatot cuff. I love to play disc golf as we all do, but he said to lay off it for about 3 or 4 weeks and it would heel on its own. Any suggestions for playing sooner, like this weekend? Lol. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Peace and love from Texas

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That really sucks, but you need to listen to the doc in this situation. The worst thing to do is push it and really tear it, that is really bad pain I know from experience, then you won't be playing for a year and it is more susceptible to injury again. Take it easy for now with that shoulder, but this is a good time to practice throwing and putting with your opposite hand.
mike, thanks alot bro, it just sucks. I love to play so much. Thanks again and peace and Love
This reply is from experience. Either learn to throw with your other hand or WAIT. I had a small tear from throwing thumbers. I did not wait but continued to play, when I threw it felt like my arm would fall off. I had to stop throwing thumbers altogether, even now. I threw backhand mostly, and played through the pain, and it was well over a year before there was no pain while throwing.
Don't do it, just wait, or like I said, use your off hand. In the end, you'll be happy you did, and you'll be able to throw with both hands. No more getting stuck behind obstacles.
It's not worth the long term damage to play too soon, I have multiple Cysts in my rotator cuff from baseball, had I known what was going to happen I would have layed off for a while that was like nine years ago, and it still kills me to throw a thumber or a tomahawk. Play it safe and lay up for a bit.
I had rotator surgery. Worst pain I've ever had. Two months of "naps" because you never get any sleep because of the pain! The thing is. I opted for the surgery. Some people can get away without it. Try PT (physical therapy) first. They work the "stablizer" muscles and that some times helps. See the rotator is multiple muscles around your shoulder. So with one tear the others(with PT) can cover for it.
Having said that. A tear is a tear. Nothing can "fix"it, but surgery. If it gets worse. Tell them you want an MRI or ultra sound to determine if it's a tear or pull. I waited several months till I ended up tearing more of the rotator muscles. So I don't see what rest will do? People think doctors are god and they know what they are doing, not true! Get a second and third opinion. Like we use to say "What do you call the person who finished last in med school........DOCTOR!"
It sounds like it is time to practice another part of your game. Is there any throwing motion with your dominant arm which causes no pain (forehand, backhand, putting) ? Otherwise start learning your other arm. A lean out forehand with your non-dominant arm could help you for the rest of your career, even once your good arm comes back.

Ice the bad shoulder regularly. Sitting around watching TV or searching the internet can be done just as easily with an ice pack strapped to your shoulder. Ice is magic. Ice it, stretch it. Ice it, stretch it. Ice it, stretch it.
Play with your off hand and stop throwing overhand shots with your arm that you hurt

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