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When playing in tourneys, at the intermediate level, I am wondering how much to enforce rules. Somethings just drive me crazy. 

not marking a putt, walking up and picking up the disc and dropping it in. I mean come on just drop in another disc. 

Stepping forward, across the lie, on a putt inside 30 feet (10m). 

Not being on the teepad when driving

Throwing from your lie. Not three feet to the side of the lie. If you do a run up on 2nd or 3rd throw who cares if you are off by a tish, I can understand that, but this is no regard for the lie. 

So my question: Do I call these. 

I have tried to suggest that they do not develop bad habits now. After all we are a basic product of our  training. My last event, I would have won if these rules were enforced. And not from calling them, if they were followed I would not have lost by one stroke. One guy made a nearly impossible shot after he stepped aside by three feet with no regard for the lie.  He never could have made the shot otherwise. And if I called everything, he would have won by 30+ stokes. He could not putt over 10 feet. So he always stepped over the line. 

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Just for clarification, 10m is not 30ft, it's 32ft 10in.
The way I do it... If I see an issue I pull the player to the side let him know what happend and why it was wrong. Now on the other hand if they keep it up... Now I'm not saying I've never made a mistake either as an overhand thrower I'm sure I've had a few foot faults. I have only had one time that I broke rule that was worth being stroked for, two disc where lost and I layed my bag on the ground and jumped into the woods to find one of the disc, while I was in the woods they found the other disc and yelled "heads up throwing out" I walked back to the edge of the woods only to see the poorly thrown disc start rolling towards my bag. I ran grabbed my bag at the last sec. But my umbrella fell off the bag knocking the guys disc over. So basicly I was doing everything right, but a freak roller got the best of me that day. So after I holed out, I told the group what happend and left it to the group to stroke me or not. Luckly they said I was not at fault and let it slide.
I play a lot of doubles here recently and there are a bunch of really good advanced and a few open pro players. I ask them to watch as I play to see if I am messing up or in violation of tourney rules. One of the guys called me on a foot fault when I was putting. Since that moment when I practice or putt during a round I think of that and it helps me. So if they mess up, let em know. If they continue despite that. Stroke em. But always be the bigger man in it and don't let them bring you to an argument.
Most of the rules in place are based on commom sense and courtesy. The rules also make the playing field level for everyone to enjoy the game fairly. Plus if your playing for cash this means buisness and some people don't take lightly to a raw deal.
True. Good thing i do not teach math.

Maybe then I should use 11 paces instead of 10.
YES ..... call them on it ....
I think some people just are way to serious about some rules so i always ask my group if they care if i just drop in if im close or what they think. I dont want to get stroked for a putts that are gimmies or if i toss my disc back to my bag when i mark for my putt. I hate when people get really strict about small things and it makes the whole group kind of uneasy.
I play in rec usually. I rarely ever see major rule violation. Most people would like to know the rules and once i warn somebody they usually don't make a mistake again. If they are repeating that violation intentionally or non intentionally after the 2nd warning I will stroke them.
As someone who has been victimized by being called on a ticky-tack infraction that had NOTHING to do with my round, I have to say the ones you mentioned are NOT ticky-tack. Those are clearly CHEATING! After a friendly warning, such as " Excuse me, but you need to mark your disc. This a tournament" STROKE 'EM!

The three foot thing, enforce that immediately. There's no crying in disc golf!
Some have to CRY though............It's what their good at !!!!! :)
Bogey, bogey, bogey!
Or DNF all the time like Parnell !!!

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