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I have been playing for a little while, and apprently I do not know all the rules.  I keep finding this out by playing with more experienced players.  I am an old dog, but I can learn new tricks.  There was a discussion called "Face Plant legal" that David Black created.  In reading, I learned something new.

So, I thought that if there were a "Disc"ussion about rules, traditions and etc, players would be more likely to ask for other's input and interpretations.  This is an open forum.  Hope this gets used.

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I'll start things off..............


I know that players are not to move when someone is putting.

I know that it is best not to be in a players view when they are putting.

I know that people should be quiet while others are putting.

I know that after you putt, you are to clear the basket.

I was playing at a "C" tier tourny and we had a basket surrounded.  It was my turn, and I made my putt.  I then cleared my disc from the basket and I started to walk away towards my cart.  All of a sudden, another player had putt and missed.  He started cussing up a storm and yelled that people shouldn't move while he was putting.

I just stood there with a "W.T.F." look on my face. 



What should I have been done ??

I feel that I didn't do anything wrong.

I feel that he should have waited until I was out of his view.

After all, I was clearing the basket.


OR should I have not cleared the basket,

OR should I have cleared the basket and walked about twenty feet away from the basket and stood still ? 

But I still would have been in his view if I did.


What is the ruling on this situation?? 

Your good dude, he was a jerk. you are supposed to clear after a made putt, also he should have allowed you plenty of time to clear the area. Some disc golfers take themselves way too seriously and blame their own misdoings on others because they are the best ever and could not have missed a 20' unless illegally distracted just ask them lol.

I believe if their is a distraction from another player or spectator he has the right to move away from his marker and wait for the distraction to end. Once the distraction passes the 30 second clock starts over. I could be wrong but that's how I interpreted the rule. He had no right blaming you. He should have waited till you were clear before he attempted his putt! I had a similar happen today. Another player on my card was moving in my vision. I stepped away refocuses then stepped back up to my marker and sank my putt!

Yeah not your fault, that is all on him for not waiting till you where out of sight. Actually, he should have been behind you in the first place while you where putting, had he not been near his lie, none of this would have happened. I tend to clear the basket and quickly find a good place to stand out of sight like behind a tree. If its in the wide open I try to get as far to the side of the view as possible and stand still.


On a side note I believe the rule is now that you don't have to clear your disc out of the basket without being asked. Not that it's not a good idea to do it anyway, I tend to go over that silly stuff before the round starts by asking the group. No need for some dumb argument to start up in the middle of the round.


Make your putt and clear it right from the first hole, and do the same thing every hole. The rest is up to him to make his adjustments in timing to start his routine.

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