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what is commonly accepted? are you supposed to tee first every other hole? do you go first from your partners shot and vice versa? how does this work in world doubles and other events?

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Not sure you could unless people just allow you to play regular Cali. I think I would consider that fair, especially if the Cali player was middle of the pack in skill level among the doubles players. Usually you see some of the other forms of doubles used when people bring their partners for organized events so there's no Cali player anyway.
the fairest and most common way to keep things even would be to alternate shots, whoever just putted the last shot in, the other would do the next drive, switching back and forth one shot at a time every shot. Although when Im on fire putting, I'll be more then happy to step up and nock it down first, but usually with someone who I can trust will make a good shot if I miss.
I like to discuss with my partner before we begin about their preferences especially when they are the better player. A weaker player I like to drive second and putt second. I just like both of us to know what we are doing before we get there. I dislike playing with other players that have to debate everytime they get to a shot, "You wanna throw first, or do you want me to?" that gets so old and is just time consuming. When you go second be prepared to throw the safe shot when your lead player goes in the woods. I think in doubles is just easier to plan your shots when you know if you are throwing first or second before hand. I generally don't like alternating tee pads just for the reason most people get side tracked or absent minded and can't remember what the order is. We usually play so either you shoot first or last every time no matter what.
Team Golf (doubles, etc) is the most fun. Singles is the most competitive. Except Match Play, which is the most fun of all and can be either a team or singles game.

In disc golf doubles means "best shot" doubles. Its too bad because there are better forms of doubles, including Chuck's "best alternating score". Trumps, tough shot, worst shot, alternating, mandos, restrictions, Do Run Run and a thousand other formats exist or can be combined for the situation.

In many groups best shot is the only format played. Everything else is heresy. And not merely "best shot" but "regular best shot". The round must start on hole #1 with no added or modified holes or anything else weird. I, of course, try to lure unsuspecting groups into heresy and worse. There is always an ideal game for the group, based on numbers, skill levels and tolerances and seldom is singles or best shot the ideal.

But back to best shot: Their are numerous strategies but the best strategy is the one which works best for a given team at a given time. So there are no hard and fast rules. You have to work with your partner. You have to be flexible. Some players are sensitive to even discussing strategy. Some players think their partner is telling them how to play and it bothers them.

Doubles is about timing and Karma. It is about getting into a flow and lighting it up. It is about covering for your partner's mistakes and having your bad shot do no harm to the team. It is understanding that doubles brings out rare brilliance and luck and to win you may need both.

Basic strategy. Communicate with your partner. Find out their preferences. If you find something that works, do not change it until it stops working. If something doesn't work, change it.

Do not harm your own team. Show superb courtesy. If your partner is setting up to throw or putt, be quiet and don't move. If you throw a bad shot say,"Sorry partner" and nothing else. Don't rant and rave, don't kick your bag. All you are doing is distracting your partner who now has to overcome your error. Let him or her concentrate.

Don't harass your own partner. If they are playing poorly they already know it. Here is an important secret of doubles. "The better you play the better your team plays". (that is a Carleton Howard quote) Your job is to try hard and not give up. Do that. Do your job. Don't worry about how much of the load your partner is carrying. If you play well they will become inspired. I have had newbie partners who gave the team a couple of great shots at the end of the round after shanking all day.

Throwing Order. There are three different strategies I like:

1) Flow. Whoever is ready goes. This works well with experienced players who know their partners well.
2) Team Captain. The stronger player is Team Captain and decides, which generally means he goes last.
3) Clean Up Batter. When the team has a lefty-righty combo (Common with me since I am a "lefty" (RHFH)) allow the teammate throwing the hyzer to throw last. Most every hole favors the righty or the lefty route. Let the favored player throw last to see how much help they get and how risky or safely they should throw.

Putting Order.
My preference is Putt The Others'. So if you park the shot your job is done, walk to the next hole. It creates an incentive to throw good shots. Generally this lets the weaker partner putt first. They need the practice. It also helps the confidence of the weaker partner. When the weaker partner believes his partner is going to make the putt even if they miss, there is less pressure and they will make more. I love putting before great putters. Heck, I love being partners with great putters.

When You Are The Weaker Partner: Play smart, play cautious and play conservative until your teammate gets going, then play a bit more risky. When you are the weaker player your partner should be carrying the team. If you keep your drives in the fairway your partner can try aggressive lines. If your upshots are close your partner can run it. If your putts stay close even if they miss your partner can putt firmly.

The likelihood is that unless your stud partner gets going your team is not going to win, so give that stud partner the support they need. You will also find that playing conservative will often produce fine results.

World Doubles (formerly National Doubles) uses multiple formats. Best Shot, Best Score, Alternating, Worst Shot, etc. I don't know if they have changed it since I last played it but it is run by John Houck in Texas and John likes varied formats.

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