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         In many states medical marijuana is legal. My question is since the rules only state illegal drugs, does that mean that one that smokes (and is legal) during a sanctioned round is A>breaking the rules. B> not breaking the rules. Since the pdga sanctions tourneys world wide and in several countries the drug is legal, does the laws where the pdga is headquartered superseded?

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Unless you plan on playing by yourself on any given dg course,I really don't see how you could avoid the smell factor,wind range.Lingering odor will still be upon you somehow.All parks,unless private,state the legality of unlawfull drugs.alcohol.The small print somewhere on some sign will list this fact.Any td should/usually will state the rules during the players meeting.Those in Florida have at least the tourneys I've played.

Most use for effect,that's the part we like or used to like.If you use for medical purpose,I guess count yourself part of the lucky minority who can use legal.

Sarcasm not intended,but I wish that my pain could be dulled after rounds of disc.

That's psychological pain, Ed. As your attorney I advise you to get 5 more birdies per round and drink heavily.
You also may want to double-check how your state's medical marijuana laws are written.  Here in Michigan, there is absolutely no provisions for being able to smoke legally in public, only in certified care clubs and in private homes.  Smoking in public will get you arrested regardless if you have a green card or not.  YMMV.
Thanks for the "legality" advice;>}
OOOOHHHHHHH, if xians421 if giving Legal Advice, I have a BUNCH of Questions!!! ;)
I only give legal advice as my idol's alter ego Dr Gonzo. I advise you to take three of those blue ones and . . . . .drink heavily.
Lol! Well, I have been drinking HEAVILY already, BUT, I am out of the Blue ones. HELP.
It's just a slow downward spiral once you've run out of the blue ones.
Any time at my home course, no padga here. That's the amateur pro assoc, ironic.

I gotta play a round with you someday... 

Easy, easy solution to this - you either invest in a quality portable vape, or spend the money on a bat/dugout that looks like a cigarette/cigarette pack, also DO NOT mess with schwag.  That is a rule that every marijuana user should follow whether recreational or medicinal - CHRONIC ONLY - sativas for rec use, indicas for pain. Throw it in a grinder, once you have it broken up like shake put it in the dugout. 


There is a product I have seen that looks like a 20 oz. pop bottle that is full, but is actually hollow containing smoke and odor filters.  Act like your grabbing a cig, twist into dugout - you are loaded tight if it's grinded.  Light like cigarette, sucking hard.  Hold in.  Grab the bottle, act like you are taking a drink, exhale hit into bottle.


If you got the good good and can hold your breath without looking obvious, you don't need that bottle.  Just take a small hit and hold it.  You won't blow out any smoke.  Build lung power by breathing diaphragmatically. 


But the portable vape is the way to go.  I've heard there are ones now that are quality vapes that look like asthma inhalers --- but a little pricey.  And even after vaping you can either sell the bud or toke it - you still get high.

you can also put the tincture in one of those vapor cigarettes that people use to quit smoking. it works wel and people will think you are trying to quit smoking.


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