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I can't be sure by reading the rules, kind of a gray area.

Say your putt comes to rest supported by the cage of the basket, on the outside, but is ALSO supported by a tree. Likely without that tree it would fall (but you can't move the basket or the tree to find out)* this part may be irrelevant. Is it in?

Hole #4 at Lakeshore has the basket placed an inch from a large, split fallen tree. I have done that, it was technically supported by the basket, but also by the tree and definitely would have fallen to the ground if not for the tree.

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But the rule does not say has to be "Only* supported by.." etc. Really isn't that simple. Could be changed to clarify things.
As I read this, if it's hanging from the basket it counts. If it's resting on the basket and another object, sorry, it's a Disc Above the Playing Surface.

803.13 Holing Out
B. Disc Entrapment Devices: In order to hole out, the thrower must release the disc and it must come to rest supported by the chains or within one of the entrapment sections. This includes a disc wedged into or hanging from the lower entrapment section but excludes a disc resting on top of, or hanging outside of, the upper entrapment section. The disc must also remain within the chains or entrapment sections until removed.

803.08 Disc Above the Playing Surface
A. If a disc comes to rest above the playing surface in a tree or other object on the course, its lie shall be marked on the playing surface directly below it.
'Cheesy Point' thought...

Follow me?

sounds like poor basket placement to me. Who designed the course?
I did of course. And it sounds like it, but play it. It's most people's favorite hole out of 24 holes there. The tree is huge, half of it split off sideways years ago, so it's sort of next to a log on the ground, which has fresh branches growing skyward like their own trees. It can be used as a backstop, but if you fail to get lucky, you then take the risk of going right behind the tree, which is wide enough that there is a 'zone' where your only shot at a putt, even from 10 feet away, is to nearly lay on your side and bounce a sidearm shot off the branch. It adds serious dimension to an otherwise wide open area (golf course).
HAHAHAHA WHO DESIGNED THE COURSE HAHAHAHAHA OK I was there and it definitely does not count. The rule states "within one of the entrapment sections". The disc was outside the basket, NOT wedged, leaning on the tree, and the rim of the disc caught the outer ring, like a finger holding it up, and the disc had nowhere to go, like normally falling on the ground, because the tree is there. Disc was not WITHIN the entrapment device.
I knew you designed it...just giving you "the business" even though we've never met.
Keep it up. :)

Ben and I argued long and hard over this pin position. I wanted it to be about 30 feet away, as a hanging basket supported from a very large limb (with OB not far behind).

Gotta admit that the current position is scenic and fun, though. And it does create a LOT of interesting putting options.
This was discussed a year or two ago on the PDGA forums. I don't see the picture anymore, but the disc was supported by the basket and a boulder. Most agreed by the current rules that it should be ruled holed out. (i.e the hole is completed).

Calling Chuck Kennedy...
We determined at Worlds at Highbridge in 2007 that a disc outside the basket wedged against it by a tree, as might occur on the infamous triple tree hole, would NOT be "in." The rationale was that unless the disc was fully supported by the basket, it could not be "in." In other words, if you took away the rock or tree, would the disc still be suspended? In most cases, ther answer would be "no." Perhaps if it was balancing on the rim and barely touching a trunk, the group might have to make a judgment call.


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