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I can't really well describe the hole, but if you've played Highbridge Gold then you'd know the 1,400 ft downhill hole that was to be a ball golf hole. The tournament rule was that you may not throw from on the rockpiles by the tees, but play from behind and above (higher ground). Now, imagine your drive rolls in front of the rock pile, leaning on the rocks. There is no room to get a foot or supporting point between the rocks and the edge of the disc, without marking your lie with a mini. You don't have to mark the lie because you are not O.B. or above the playing surface.

I say you have the option of playing the provisional shot because no one is sure what to do. I don't see how you can be forced to mark the lie. Playing from above and behind (on a long downhill hole it's an advantage) and marking the lie are both valid options. Can you do and play out both provisionally and take the best score since both were actually legal options.

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You can play out both provisionally, but it is up to the TD to decide which is the proper interpretation.

As a player, you usually have the option to mark or not mark your lie. But ultimately, you make a decision and continue play. Sometimes, the position of the lie may take away one of your options.

It appears to me that both interpretations could be correct***. As a TD, I would rule you take the first option you used. That is, if you chose to go above and behind first, I would use that score. If you chose to mark and throw from the lie first, I would use that score. I would not decide which one to use based on score - that seems unfair. Now, if you said you only threw the front one first because it was easier to do and not because you felt it was the option you wanted, I would ask your card mates for clarification. If they agree you were arguing for the back option, I would allow you to use that lie, regardless of outcome.

*** I still have my caddy book from 2007 Worlds. This is Hole 8 "Double Eagle" on Highbridge Gold. I see no mention of rock piles by the tees or that players should not play from them.

Now let's see how Chuck Kennedy would rule. After all, he was the official TD for 2007 Worlds.
Got to the second page in the lower left corner of the big map in caddybook which was a blanket rule for all of the holes: "If disc lands in the large rock beds surrounding the former golf tee pads, you may move your lie back on line with the basket as far as needed to take a stance but no farther than completely off the rocks." Use of the word may gave players the option to mark and play from the rocks or move off them on the line of play as stated.
OK now I am confused.

Caddybook states...."move your lie back... but no farther than completely off the rocks." Then you state "play from the rocks or move off them on the line of play".

Please explain.

Also, what would be your decision on Ben's provisionals assuming he was correct that player could NOT play from rockpiles?
The rocks were a simple casual relief situation. Player could mark with a mini, or not mark and use thrown disc if they wanted to take a stance on the rocks. Or they could move back on the line of play as far as needed until they were just off the rocks and mark and throw from there with no penalty.
Sounds like, once you are completely off the rocks, you can not move back any further.
What would be your decision on Ben's provisional example above assuming he was correct that player could NOT play from rock piles?
The reason for a provisional is when the group disagrees with the player's choice. If no one in the group knows what's going on, they should be getting an official or asking another group if they all forgot their caddybook. (BTW, we had both an official and spotter on that hole most of the week.)

But let's say the group let the player play both lines provisionally and both ended up being legal options. I'd be inclined as the TD to give the player the worst score of the two for not doing the things available to get the proper ruling - caddybook, checking with another group, spotter, official or TD, especially since the player in essence got several practice throws that didn't count. Or I might leave it to chance and flip a coin and the player gets whatever score comes up from the flip. I also would have been able to ask Gentry, Graham and other Marshals if they had any more fair way to make the call.
Thanks Chuck.

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