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I've only been playing for about 6 months and when I first started I drove with the x-step. All my discs went up. I watched a video of myself and realized that i'm arching my back and pulling up and back. To remedy that, I started just standing with my throwing shoulder pointed where i want to throw, and pick my right leg up take the step forward and let it fly. Since then i've bent my wrist more into handshake position and keep my left arm over my belly like i have a stomach ache. The disc flies alot lower but the most i can ever possibly get is 300 feet out of an Orc. I still have to use discs like the Monarch for anhyzer flight paths. I try to run up again and sure enough, straight up in the air. I know i will need to post a video and i will, I'm just wondering if there are some things i need to consider when doing a run up. Also, should a disc be thrown with a flat, anhyzer or hyzer angle for normal straight throws. I also seem to have a problem releasing the disc at the right time. Very inconsistent on the left to right aim. Any tips help. I play about 2 to 3 times a week and practice an additional 2 times minimum. I'm afraid of practicing the wrong thing. Thanks guys!!!!!!!! By the way i dye discs alot lately. Just started but love it. Thanks again, this sport freakin rocks. PS, now that i dyed oe of my discs, i noticed it loses it's spin rather ast and i think that may have something to do with my loss of d. What a drag

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Thank you all very much for your help. This has made me feel alot better, actually. I thought I was falling behind the pack here and maybe that I should be throwing 500 feet by now. I feel pretty confident in my stationary drive as far as consistancy is concerned. It's the distance and freaking disc flight path variations that have me bummed out. Is there a certain disc I should be using for anhyzer curves to be more consistant as i learn? Also should I drop myself down to "fairway drivers" or a lighter disc or m i fine with the 174 gram avengers and monarch and destroyer and so on. I can throw my midrange buzzz and kite just as far as any of those.
Yes, try lighter discs. My advice is start slow and get more intense. Move up slowly to more stable and heavier discs. Your "run up" too Make sure it is a "walk up". I have seen actual run ups and it screws up the timing. Start on an open field and again, start slow. Throw standing still to warm up, and then slowly throw harder. You want to achieve a flat line drive. Like in ball golf if you can make it go straight, then you have control to then make it go left or right with consistency. Increase your "walk up" by adding a step into the throw like a midrange up-shot type throw throwing easy, then gradually throw harder when you have control. Take two steps and turn your body away from the target to get more reach back. This helps distance. The do a slow easy X-step, then gradually add more speed and force. Takes a long time to get consistency. Keep at it. You definitely want to reach back and keep the disc on a level back swing and follow through. Maybe you are lifting up your release for those sky shots, or are dropping too low on the reach back. Think line drives. Have fun!
For RHBH there are a few discs that are easier to anhyzer. They have a high speed hand turn; put even a little anhyzer on them (or none) and they should turn right hard. Avenger SS, stingray, sidewinder, surge ss are the ones that have worked for me. I think your monarch should be good for that though.
Personally, I don't think that really overstable discs like the destroyer are good to learn with. I speak from painful experience on this one. I was throwing things like the surge and the boss and then wondering why the hell they wouldn't fly straight. I ended up fighting them so much that they became uncontrollable.
Read all of the posts. Very greatful. Went to the baseball field and practiced...disregardded any boundry line on the ground...took a practice walk up...then moved a little faster..checked my wrist..faked a pull through...stepped back gave it a whirl at slow speed...walk up straight...turn my back toward target and start pull through...pulled across my chesy and leaned over my knee...let it rip and walked my momentum through the finish of the drive....did this about 20 times..all discs went at LEAST 30 to 40 feet further.. Some went up...some worm burned..i also noticed I was having a spin problem from the speed the disc ink was spinning...so i tried again but this time i curled my wrist during pull through at my chest and with about 3/4 the effort the discs flew an additional 20 feet but never went higher than about 8 to 10 feet high... This will all be tested on Father's Day when I play golf until I either puke or die. I want to thank you guys for all of your advise, I hope others read and it helps them. I have greater confidence now. I feel like I can drive a golf disc! I just hope I don't fall off the front of a tee pad...some of our courses have small raised cement ones.
from what i have heard it all goes back to your form i myself am working on my form after three years of bad habits and it is a pain in the butt.i think it all has to do with what feels fight to you within the good form.some people can stand stationary and throw 5 hundred feet it is all about your form . good spin/arm speed = distance.
you shoul get a tee-bird so you can see if you have bad forrm . which shows up a lot of the time as off axis torque (flutter) . good luck!
Have you ever played using forehand drives? For myself, it's much easier to take an overstable disc and throw it faster with the forehand method than it is to try to throw an understable disc, like a Monarch, backhand (the understability making up for the lack of arm speed). The point being is that you know where the overstable sidearm throw will end up, since the disc won't flip on you, whereas the understable backhand throw can flip on you in addition to having a wider swing arc that you have to choose a release point from (sidearm is more of a punching/whipping motion - easier to control in my opinion).

I'm introducing short finesse backhand shots now into my game, (shots that don't require a run up) and it's working out so far. You might be like me and want to go with forehand for long drives, and use backhand only when you don't need to run up.
Picked up a teebird today at a local shop. Had to settle for 175 though...only thiong in stock. I been thinking about getting one so you saying it pushed me over the edge. Will test it for my all day disc golf fathers day tomorrow!! Thanks man!!
whatever works for you
What does it mean if it flutters upon release?
What does it mean if the disc flutters for a second or 2 upon release?
well happy fathers day to me..got my butt whipped on 90 holes 5 games. You said it would be a painful process learning the correct way to drive backhand...well buddy i will say you were RIGHT!!!!! I guess I though i had some new moves and was gonna go out there and clean house just cause i through ok at practice.. boy was i wrong..I will keep on practicing and hopefully develope into something worth a crap.

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