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I've only been playing for about 6 months and when I first started I drove with the x-step. All my discs went up. I watched a video of myself and realized that i'm arching my back and pulling up and back. To remedy that, I started just standing with my throwing shoulder pointed where i want to throw, and pick my right leg up take the step forward and let it fly. Since then i've bent my wrist more into handshake position and keep my left arm over my belly like i have a stomach ache. The disc flies alot lower but the most i can ever possibly get is 300 feet out of an Orc. I still have to use discs like the Monarch for anhyzer flight paths. I try to run up again and sure enough, straight up in the air. I know i will need to post a video and i will, I'm just wondering if there are some things i need to consider when doing a run up. Also, should a disc be thrown with a flat, anhyzer or hyzer angle for normal straight throws. I also seem to have a problem releasing the disc at the right time. Very inconsistent on the left to right aim. Any tips help. I play about 2 to 3 times a week and practice an additional 2 times minimum. I'm afraid of practicing the wrong thing. Thanks guys!!!!!!!! By the way i dye discs alot lately. Just started but love it. Thanks again, this sport freakin rocks. PS, now that i dyed oe of my discs, i noticed it loses it's spin rather ast and i think that may have something to do with my loss of d. What a drag

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you aint kidding man...it's not much worse score wise, hardly any change..but my confidence is taking an a** whooping thats for sure.
Ive only ever noticed a flutter on my drive with disc that are really flexable or to light for me to throw that may be the reason behind that. Ive found that while on a run up RHBH that while pulling across my body ive learned to lift my arm above my left sholder just before ripping it. This kept me from throwing the disc too high. Anouther idea may be going and buying a DX plastic sidewinder, its cheap and will break in very fast. I think just two rounds at accadiana park broke mine in and it turns over with very little effort.

P.S. just a wild guess here but was it hole two on the ace run that caused your disc to get run over
Good guess! That's before I knew anything about annie shots and I tried to forearm the dang thing. That FLX Plastic is crazy durable. How long you been playing? Do you Play PA Davis ever? I just noticed today one of my big problems was looking at the fairway while making the throw. I think it phsycs me out and also make my head look up in turn making me throw high. Learn everyday right?
It's all relative to a players ability....If I see a new player struggling with accuracy and consistency with a run up..I advise them to try standing still to help with the form and control. If I see a new player struggling with distance with a stand and throw shot...I advise them to work on stepping into the throw..starting slow, eventually working on faster steps.
I like that remark : It's all relative to a players ability....
I started playing as soon as i could throw a disc but quit playing for about 9 years, and then picked it up again last year. I played pa davis once before the redesign and once after. I dont play in lafayette ofton but i do show for all the tourny's. By the way there is a tournament comming up at highland park in baton rouge i think the 11th not sure though you can check it out at (southern nationals disc golf )
It means you could be having a problem with wrist roll. Flutter can rob your disc of power and takes away potential distance. It also causes your disc to less stable than it's meant to, which often causes players to buy faster, more overstable discs than they need because they flip the slower discs when they try to throw hard. A smooth, clean release even at slow speeds can go further than a sloppy full-powered throw any day.
to fix your form try doing what i used to do. go back to the x step and slow it down a bit and then what i did was make my last step bigger to keep my body forward so the disc doesn't go way up in the air. also try practicing with an innova beast that is what i learned with and it worked out great for me.
Mine got fixed over time since this thread but a guy i just started playing with has a great problem with flutter and i will help him based on your advise here, thank you very much.
I know a guy that can huck it 450ft standing at the edge of the tee pad
Learn how to snap a towel really well.
It is easy to do, roll up a towel keep snapping it until you get good at it.
Use cheap towels as it will shred them quickly when you get good.
It annoys people, so do it when nobody is around.
I used to do this in the winter time up in Michigan and every spring I came out throwing farther!
I still like to get a good towel snap or two off just before my round, to remind the wrist and arm that it is time.
Get good enough to rip a fly off a windowsill.
You can practice the sidearm snap with a towel also!
Discs want Spin and Z's.
The more spin you put on the disc, the longer it will stay in the air.
The longer it stays in the air the farther it will go.
When the spin dies on a disc, that is when you will see it start to curve off its line.
You can put more spin on lighter discs because you wrist can snap it quicker.
People with stronger wrists can snap the heavier weights.
Practice in an open field and learn what your discs do. Experiment!
Then apply what you learn in the field to the course.
Like a Ball golfer going to the range, learning each club.
I had this same problem, got a sidewinder, and that added about 50 feet to my drives. It is made for players with this problem. But I found another solution. Theres two ways you can fix this. Both fairly simple.

The first one is kind of hard to get used to aiming, but it works in the long run (I average 450 feet now). stand facing away from the basket. You should be at the back of the tee with your back to the basket. Take a step to the right with your right foot, step back with your left foot, then one more step back with your right foot. As you take the last step, turn your whole body around and throw the disc level with your chest and angle a bit to the right. Its similar to the famous X step but forces your entire body to but put into the throw. This will create an amazing S curve and will allow you to throw LONG drives. I've reached 520 feet like this.

The second way is a little harder, but worth it when you get used to it. In this, you will be doing a complete 360. Start anwhere on the tee facing the basket. Take a step with your left foot, Then swing your right foot around far enough to spin your body, then let go keeping the disc level, and angled to the right. This will do the same as the last step, but with a little more power when you get good at it. Ive birdied a 550 foot hole in two shots with this stance.

Hope this helps a litte. Good luck

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