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In the past month I've lost a Star Destroyer, a DX Shark, an Archangel, a Blunt Gumbputt and a Rogue. Anyone know any good voodoo or black magic for keeping my discs? I'm almost afraid to play now.

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Don't throw bad shots?

First things first.  Keep your eye on your disc when you throw.  If you can not, then have a spotter.  Next make sure you do not throw towards anything that might make you lose your disc.  Most imprtantly, make sure your discs are inked, and pray that who ever finds them has the professionalism to return it to you.
I Definitely Ink all my discs as soon as I buy them, and I like to play by myself frequently, so a spotter usually isn't available. As far as spotting them myself, The courses in Santa Cruz are all so curved and brushy that even when I'm running after my disc immediately after teeing, it still escapes me if the wind hits it in a bad direction or I screw up my shot. I have a feeling that Karma is bound to catch up with all the discs I've returned though, right? What goes around comes around?
Thus far I've lost 7 discs and had 2 returned.  These seem to be fairly common mathematical odds on returns.  At some parks you have to be more careful because your disc might not be lost.  Someone may have swiped it before you got to where it went.
you really use all of those discs? an archangel and a star destroyer?
Never really used the destroyer much until I lost it, but I loved that Archangel. And people really do that? They lie in wait while I tee off and come steal my discs? That's a bit too much like beavis and butthead for me.
There are a lot of people who are not professional by not returning discs that have been inked.  Plus I heard a rumor that there are places that buy used discs and don't even confirm the ownership.  So people will find lost discs and turn them in for a little profit.  But that is a rumor.
The only advice would be,don't take them out to throw;>} Perhaps use your friends discs,but they won't be friends for long.On the bright side,your doing your part to keep the economy going for the B&M stores/internet buisnesses.They must enjoy seeing you arrive and purchase.Start making  more friends or taking at least one other with you to spot.

Call our government it might take ten years but they will find them.lol


   I'm pretty new to the game and only had one disc, an Avenger. Recently I was shooting at my homecourse. There is a hill that I overshot and my Avenger went down and into the woods.  errrrr.  I looked and looked for it but it was to no avail.  I called it a loss and left it so my buddy lent me a disc so that I could play more until I got some new discs.  

   The next day the Groove that i borrowed was giving me all kinds of problems.  I mean who buy a disc that is clear!?!  Seriously!  No matter where it lands it takes ten minutes to find it.  On #6 there is a pond and of course the groove hits a branch next to the pond and the disc goes for a dive.  It landed about 6 feet from the edge but it gets deep and fast.  And this isn't a clean pond either that you would want to swim in.  You could come out lookin' like Swamp Thing.  There is all kinds of muck in it.  It is more like a disc graveyard. So here I am without a disc, borrowing another disc from a different friend and playing out the rest of the day with a Valkarie now.  A few days later I purchased some discs of my own and was ready to try my luck again with a handful of new Innovas.

   About 2 weeks after the initial Avenger loss I was playing the same course again with the friend that gave me the Groove that sunk to the bottom of Muck Pond (I think I'm gonna start to call it that).  I was shooting pretty good. No problem over the pond.  All my attemps are coming close and my putts are sinking.   One basket away from where I lost my Avenger and the group in front of us started to holler my name.  I didn't think I knew them but when I saw a green and yellow yin-yang being held in the air I knew why they were yelling.  I ran over to them and listened to the story of where he found my oddly placed disc.  Needless to say I was pretty stoked that my first disc was back in my bag.  I look towards my friend and he says, "Does that mean that one is mine cause you lost my Groove."  My smile faded as I handed him my newly acquired Avenger.   He decides to see how it throws and gave it a good flick.  Up in the air it goes but.... it never hits the ground.  About 10 minutes of tree climbing and we are onto the next basket. The spot where I originally overshot and lost the Avenger down the hill.  He steps back and throws a monster drive.  As the Avenger sails through the wind I can see that it is way way way overshot.  This disc may never be seen again.


1 month later


   I awake in the morning to get a call from KOA Kampground (my homecourse) telling me that my disc has been found and it is sitting under the front desk.  

Find it - Lose it - Find it - Lose it -

  .......   errrrrrrrr  .......


   My friend and I called it even and the Avenger is now in my bag and his groove is at the bottom of the MP (muck pond).  I went and played yesterday and everytime i would throw it I would watch where it landed and when I would get to it I'd have the hardest time to find it. I have decided that the disc is cursed and I need to get it out of my bag before it taints the other discs. I think that I'm just going to give it back to my buddy and tell him that he can keep it.


I don't really know what I was getting at with this whole story but just thought I'd share it with you. 


Love it dude. It reminds me of the first disc I ever owned. It was a DGA hawk, and I had it for about a year until one day, me and some of my drunk coworkers decided we'd play a game of night disc golf on camp. We were making some pretty bad shots, and eventually I made one that resulted in me being unable to continue because I couldnt find my disc and was drunk and angry. Fast forward two and a half years, and Camp is undergoing some major construction. As our dining hall is being demolished, the man with the enormous excavator pulls what he calls a "tiny little frisbee" out of the debris pile and hucks it over the fence. One of the teachers at the camp sees my name on it while they were walking by and brings it to me. I'm so surprised that I can hardly believe what I'm looking at. I lost the disc the next time I went and played at De La Veaga. It's alright though, because Camp has a large supply of discs, so I "borrowed" one of theirs, it's still in my bag, and it's a DGA Hawk. :)

I haven't seen them in a while but there used to be a set of kids between 10 and 14 who'd hang at certain spots in the park where your landing zone was blind.  They'd swipe your disc before you got there and then they'd call you a few days later to try and ransom it off.

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