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In the past month I've lost a Star Destroyer, a DX Shark, an Archangel, a Blunt Gumbputt and a Rogue. Anyone know any good voodoo or black magic for keeping my discs? I'm almost afraid to play now.

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Love it dude. It reminds me of the first disc I ever owned. It was a DGA hawk, and I had it for about a year until one day, me and some of my drunk coworkers decided we'd play a game of night disc golf on camp. We were making some pretty bad shots, and eventually I made one that resulted in me being unable to continue because I couldnt find my disc and was drunk and angry. Fast forward two and a half years, and Camp is undergoing some major construction. As our dining hall is being demolished, the man with the enormous excavator pulls what he calls a "tiny little frisbee" out of the debris pile and hucks it over the fence. One of the teachers at the camp sees my name on it while they were walking by and brings it to me. I'm so surprised that I can hardly believe what I'm looking at. I lost the disc the next time I went and played at De La Veaga. It's alright though, because Camp has a large supply of discs, so I "borrowed" one of theirs, it's still in my bag, and it's a DGA Hawk. :)

Keep your eye on where is goes, i have a buddy who will throw and turn around.  Also buy bright color discs they are much easier to find if they take a weird bounce or roll.

Bright colors help alot, Pink is the best. Greens and Yellows hide well. Tye Dyes blend to easy. I also try not to watch where the disc land, but I will look for a near by land marker (odd tree, sign, bench ect...) that will keep you closer to the distance where you land. I see alot of people looking 80 feet short/long of where there disc really landed.



How do you lose a Gumbputt lol

I dunno... Try a voodoo or a magic (probably black in color)



good,now buy something you can throw and wont lose,all those disc must not have been working for you,get a sidewinder and a roc
My advice too would be bright colors.  I have some darker reds (mainly for winter).  As the brush thickens, I like my white colored discs because they stand out in all that green.  But I'm playing with neon orange, green and pinks if I can find them.  However, water will rob you every time.  Lost a few discs already to the drink, although I have found at least one that went into the water
Bright Neon Colors ( Like Neon Pink ) show up well.  In thick Snow , Dark colors show best.


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