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just kinda going to throw this out there and shes what everyone thinks. I played my first tourney this summer it was a doubles tourney and it was also my partners first tourney. i played this course about 4 days the week before the tourney and about 2 the week before that and only 1 of those times was my partner there with me and he had only played the course 3-4 times ever before this tourney. the day before the tourney i had a bad round and threw about 17 over, however i usually shoot about 9 and the best i recorded was 7 over but i think it might be a bit lower more like 5 over. this course is one of the easier courses around here and has wide open drive space for most the course 4 water hazards and about 4 cart path hazards. So the night before the tourney i went to bed early got up and ready ate some fruit and a multi-vitamin and got some waters for the course. i went with another pair that is much better then our pair and they signed up for intermediate so we signed up for beginner. so we get started and birdied hole 18 where we started which is a hole i always birdie. After the first 18 we came in and my team was tied for first in the beginner at four under (50 stokes) and beating 3 teams in the intermediate level. So the next round we ended up starting at 18 again and birdied again and we finish the next round at seven under on the second 18( 47 stokes). so my team finished at a 97 and the second place team in beginner finished at 104 cause their second round they shot par (54 strokes). 97 was good enough to finish in about 7th place in intermediate out of 13 teams that where in intermediate and the team we came with which is better then our team finished in 5th in intermediate with a 92. Now i know that we blow out the beginner division but i also think that i played the two best rounds that me and my partner have every played there. I was in the zone just having one of those day. we both made some ridiculous shots. i tossed in a blind 35 foot putt for a birdie which happens almost never. my partner sank a 70 footer for a birdie. stuff that just isn't normal for our game. now i won by a large margin but by no means do i feel like a sand bagger even though people at the tourney felt a bit different. i would like other thoughts on that and if me and my partner where to go to the same tourney next year would you think we where sand baggers if we played in beginner again.

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well 7 out of 13 in int. isn't that good maybe the were teams in int. were dream bagging .
winning your division no way makes you a sand bagger, it does if you play am4 again and murder the pack
You have got to remember that ever competition will have soar losers, so it's only natural for these people to call out "sand baggers" when they get beat so bad. The way you finished isn't sand bagging to me at all. Sand bagging would be if you could have placed at least at the top 3 of the intermediate division. I have seen some "BAD" sand baggers in my day. I was placed in group with certain individual, in a singles tourney, that sand bagged the @#$% out of our division. He took 1st place in AM2, but his score was good enough to take 1st place, not in the AM1, but in the Pro Division. Now that is sand bagging!
I think it is common for folks to yell out "Sandbagger" during awards ceremonies. Most times it is in jest. I wouldn't let it bother you. If you improve this year, then you can think about moving up.
everyone who doesnt win calls the winners sandbaggers. Going by your scores and the other scores you mentioned, it doesnt seem like you were bagging. Now if your scores would have beat or placed top three in the division above you, you may want ot consider moving up but only if this happens more than once. Moving up may take away wins from you but will normally make you a better player! Anyways, just play were you are comfortable.
by next year you prob. won't be a beg. anymore.
Never apologize for playing well. If you win by a hundred don't apologize. It is what you are supposed to try to do. Instead try to figure how to play superbly well and continually improve.

In PDGA sanctioned events your handicap rating will prevent you from playing a division you don't belong in. So play in whatever division your rating says you belong in and don't worry about the rest.
Definitely not sand bagging in my opinion. In addition to what everyone else said, I think that it being your first tourney is good enough reason to play beginner. A person can only be sandbagging if they are knowingly playing down a division or two imo.
I have been thinking about this issue also for myself. I, not so recently now, had won a non-sanctioned tourney AM3 division by 1 stroke (9 players in the division if I remember correctly). The next local tourney I played after that I tried to play Am3 again, but was gently called a sandbagger. So I moved up and finished dead last.

I did later finish 2nd in a tourney Am2, non-sanctioned, with only 3 players in the division.

Currently I am rated at 864, having only played 2 sanctioned tourneys last year. The next tourney I enter that is sanctioned I plan on playing in Am3. I would like to get my rating to Am2 before moving up or at least winning a sanctioned tourney in Am3 first.

Don't bow to peer pressure or feel bad about winning. We all have had days where we shoot really bad, but some days we can't miss. You just happened to have one of the later on a day when it really counted. Congrats.
definite baggin going on there .......... how dare you play well .......... fantastic really when they start droppin out of nowheres ........ i'd call that a good win ...... and winning is what it's all about .... v i c t o r y yahoo !!
You are only a sand bagger if you purposely play a division that you will likely win because you have far more experience than your competitors in that division, or move down a division from your usual/expected division when you and your peers know that you're capable of better.

The more you get into the tournament scene with familiar faces, then you'll know who should be in what division and why & vice versa. Since you dominated the beginner group and shot under par, you should really think about playing intermediate from now on. (depending on the size of the tourney etc.)

I consider myself intermediate-advanced so I play either depending on the tournament size. If I was to drop to beginner then I would be one sad sand bagger.

It gets complicated because on any given day anybody can beat anybody. You'll figure it out the more that you play tourneys.
Play in a division that you think you fit in, then if you are continually winning, consider moving up to a higher division. There are always sore losers, don't apologize for good play, just keep getting better and forget about all the others who are not. Definitely not sand baggin' here!!

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