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besides searching in the thickest of thick for a mistake throw, one time i had to slide down a five foot bank into a creek, up twenty feet to my disc, then back to the only  place i could climb out. wasnt gonna leave that disc behind. at that time i was still learning to play and was just getting good and was using a 167 innova beast,

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My 9 year old recently threw his beat up 139gm DX Skeeter into a 25ft diameter CLUMP of blackberry bushes. I as approached the middle of the clump on my belly to get it I thought, "This was NOT WORTH the $7.99 for a NEW DX Skeeter." One cut on the cheek (Face Cheek People) and Numerous scratches up the arms later, I had wished we would have just bought him a NEW one.
a couple weeks back , i threw my flow into wailoa river . it wasn't that far out but the water was too murky to see it . i came back the next mourning and there it was  , about 20 feet from shore right next to an old tire . i used my tape measure to pull it in close enough to use a stick . and the flow is back in bag . now i just need to find my bolt , that a new-b threw in a field next to my driveway .

Yeah, Blackberry bushes.  I recall them fondly.  A couple years ago I threw my favorite Flash, my primary driver, into a huge clump of seemingly impenetrable blackberry bushes.  It was summer so I was in shorts and short sleeves.  Of course, I went in.


Once I emerged I was bleeding from every exposed spot on my body and a lot which were not exposed, too, as those thorns can go through clothes.  The hardest part was picking the disc up and pulling it out through the thorns. The clump was so thick that even from a few feet away I lost skin every inch going in and coming out.


Then once I was done the mosquitoes were swarming so I sprayed down with bug spray, reminding me where every cut was.


I once walked chest high into a pond in Winter.  The water was bitter, bitter cold and once I felt the disc with my foot realized I had to submerge my head to pick it up.  The pond was so murky I couldn't see the disc and couldn't be sure the disc I felt was mine.  I did the plunge and thankfully it was my beloved disc.  I was so cold I abandoned my round and walked straight back to my car.

i love the dedication!    "my motto is no disc left behind"
I lost a my putter during a game and some how ended up with the club owner's lost putter. We both had the same exact putter; white pro pig weighing at 175. It was like the twilight zone or something

Back in 92 I threw my Shark into the lake at La Mirada. It was pouring rain and 55 degrees. As I waded into the duck shit and fish hooks with the water reaching my upper lip, I felt plastic on my foot(ok, shin, the duck shit is that deep). It wasn't mine, and neither were the next three. But the fifth one was.


And then there's about eight dozen Wailoa river stories.

A local St. Louis guy used to set up a temporary camp-n-play course down in southern Illinois.  The area was called 1 Horse Gap.  The name is in reference to a stone chute that only 1 Horse can go through at a time.  The whole area is a massive boulder field with some of the most extreme disc golfing terrain I have ever seen.  He actually discovered the area while doing some free climbing.  It is definitely a play at your own risk course!  There are multiple opportunities to make a wrong step and kiss it goodbye.  Check out some of the pictures on this website: 1 Horse Gap.  In any event, I threw my favorite driver around a blind dogleg.  It looked a little tight to the rock face, but not too bad.  When we rounded the corner, my disc was no where to be seen.  I looked up the rock wall and about 30 feet up was a little outcropping.  There happened to be some toe holds and finger grabs leading up to it, so I decided to go for it.  Going up was the easy part!  I threw the disc down to the ground and then I froze up like a scared cat.  I lost all of my nerve and started having visions of cracking my skull open.  After a little while I loosened up a smidge and was able to twitch and shake my way back down.  Completely horrifying!  I wasn't able to calm down until the round was over and was able to crack open a beer (drinking on this course is definitely a no-no).  The disc will definitely stay up there the next time.  I will pay my buddy to go get it for me!


Here are some videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twYRd5q-t_Y





That looks INSANE. I'd give one of my appendages to play it though. Or at LEAST 5-10 of my discs..... Lol.


Here's one pretty stupid thing I did a couple winters ago involving an air mattress and tape measure.

Find more videos like this on discgolfersR.us
:0 Wow. I was just WAITING for you to disappear..... Lol. Glad you made it out with your disc. What disc were you chasing that was worth doing that?

It was a Limited Edition Flx Drone (back when they were limited) that my wife had just gotten for me for Christmas a couple days earlier.  It is a great disc, I still have it in my bag now, pretty sure it is now the oldest disc in my bag at two and a half years.


The air mattress actually worked well and felt secure.  I didn't actually hear any "crackling", and woudln't have done it at all if I thought the ice might break with the mattress under me. 


For the record:  I do not recommend that this method be used by anyone to get a disc off of dangerous ice!!!  A disc is not worth hypothermia or drowning.

Lol. Thats Awesome. Now that you said what disc and the circumstances of it, I can see that the air mattress may have been a good idea. Lol. Hope your Wife didn't see the video though.... :0 Lol.

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