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I always thought a stable disc was one that flies straight.

I always thought an overstable disc was one that has a tendency to turn left, RHBH.

I always thought an understable disc was one that has a tendency to turn right, RHBH.


I've seen a lot of people throw a disc RHBH that goes hard left, then come up with a comment like, "Man, that thing is super stable!" or "Man, that thing is ultra stable!" or "Man, that thing is extra stable!"


Am I the one that's confused or is it them?  If it turns hard left RHBH, shouldn't it be super-, ultra-, extra-OVERstable?  Doesn't what they're saying effectively mean that the disc flies super-, ultra-, extra-straight, which isn't true?

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It's either Stable , Understable or Overstable.  That's it.

i think you got it right. but I also think there is really only one variable...  stable, and how much

I think a lot of people try to throw discs that are too fast for them and therefor the disc does not fly as it is designed.

People, including myself, tend to sometimes replace the word over with other descriptives like: Super, frickin, damn, ultra, etc. What we mean is overstable.


You got it right brother.

Think of stability like an ingredient in a recipe, say salt, for example.


Add more salt it becomes saltier.  Take away salt it becomes less salty.


So a disc which is more overstable is called more stable or very stable or some version of this term like Nick mentioned.  In this context it does not mean straighter, it means that it turns harder as it slows down (more overstable).


You can argue with the terminology but debating terminology with disc golfers is mostly wasting your time.


Frisbee Frolf anyone?



Oh Mark, no you didn't go there. FROLF?

stable is a relative term, depends on the player.



Yea I would agree the correct way to say it is how your thinking, but so many people say stable when they should say over stable. If you think about your disc in the air 300' down the fairway going right at a tree, are you going to yell "Get Stable" or "please disc would you so kindly get overstable for me" lol


Also a Boss for example is an overstable disc for most people out there and just stable for some, so in a way most disc are stable/overstable/understable depending on the thrower.

People misuse the term stable all the time.  I do the same thing.  It's just lazy grammar, nothing more.

I agree. I think there is a continuum of stability that goes from Nuke OS to coffee can lid. Super, ultra, ridiculously stable to ohhhhh, that flies cute.

I prefer the lesser used term, FOLF. When I was introduced to the game in MT, that is what they called it.

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