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Here is what I have so far to work with. What are working with? PS. Yes, that is my cat in the background...

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Currently working with way to many disc, trying to rebuild the bag after some bad luck around some water holes. Right now I'm going all in with Lat 64, except my putters, Omega's are just to perfect to replace.

The shops in my town only carry Innova and Discraft. Bummer, hear everyone on her talking about Lat 64, but have not had a chance to hold one to know for myself. 


I carry an old Wall City bag with a Super Roc, '05 SB Roc, Pro Starfire, SE Rhyno and 2 Pro Katana's.

this is mine.. fairly modest but I get by..I'm pretty new to the sport  so I'm still getting the hang of the different tendencies. so far I've stayed with innova because I'm getting used to the numbering system..damn I wish they would standardize this across manufacturers.

here's what they are:

DX Beast - pretty light at 166

champion Beast - a bit heavier at 175 a friend gave me this one because I use my Beast so much he wanted me to have a champ version of it.

star leopard - as a new player I love this disc.. very forgiving

star mako - super straight flier <3

DX shark - I like this one if I have to get around stuff

DX aviar - it's an aviar.. nuff said

DX Rhyno - like throwing a brick..where it hits.. it stays.


I just ordered a Discraft Surge and am pretty anxious to see how I do with it.


Ron, thanks for sharing! I have similar discs in Innova...love my Champion Boss for long drives! But, for putting, I highly recommend checking out Vibram! I have all of their putters, with the VP and Sole my favorite. They go wherever you throw them. I find I use the Sole for my long distance putts and the VP when the wind is against me or my "less finesse" more punch putts.
thanks for the advice! I'll have to add a vibram onto my next order to check em out.
I just ordered the Golden Retriever from discgolfcenter...and the two other floating discs from Innova to add to my Dragon...so far I have been lucky around water and other traps, but as my x step gets better my distance has really increased and, with that, more risk with where my discs will go...
Here is my bag it is a FADE Fly or Die Tournament Bag:
Vulcan -- 170g Captain Americia Shield
Surge SS -- 166g Red.
Rogue (Misprint) -- 166g Pink. Long distance stable disc.
Gold Line Flow -- 168 Black. Gift from another disc golfer my favorite driver.
Champion Beast -- 171g Blue with Red Unicorn Dye. Sidearm disc.
Champion Valkyrie -- 170g Cranberry. Go To driver
Star Valkyrie == 167g Yellow with dragon dye.
Pro Firebird  -- 168g Red.  Lighter weight then the champ Firebird.
Opto Vision -- 173g Light Blue. A long straight shoter
Champion Sidewinder -- 170g Tie Died. Anahyzer filp disc.
Star Road Runner -- 174g White with blue Dragon Dye Job use for rollers
Champion Tee Bird -- 175g Cranberry. Go to fairway driver.
Star Leopard -- 177g Blue X-Out Short range fairway driver.
Champion Roc Plus -- 180g Orange.
Star San Marino Roc --180g Red. Long Midrange and Sidearm midrange.
R-Pro Roc Plus (Misprinted) -- 180g Orange. Get out of trouble disc.
KC Pro Roc  -- 177g White with faded Dragon Dye. Longer midrange and upshots.

Worlock -- 170g Red Putter
Ace Race Disc 2011 -- 180g Red approach disc.
Yea I need to get me some scuba gear for mine lol, Im fine in casual golf, but when its tourney time I tend to over attack the holes and drop a few disc in the water....

My bag and discs.

174 z nuke os strong wind days or tight right to left turns.Spike hyzers.

175 opto halo very long drives low into headwind.

173gl striker dead straight long controlled drives

175 star vulcan long flex drives and turnover shots

174 esp memorial nuke beat pretty good but longest driver with no wind.

2 destoyers 1 champ 175,1 team star 173,my go to distance drivers fo most conditions.

175 opto pain Yankee dye,thanks to wicked for his good work,stable midrange on windy days.

174 opto core,very straight midrange nhandles wind pretty good also.

180 star mako one of my favorite discs,follows line you put it on 225 to 300.

174gl fuse slightly understable midrange,glides forever.

2 pds 1 s line 1 c line new to my bag very similar to my destroyers.im

180 flying squirrel go to understable  midrange,turns over and finishes that way.

174 star leopard 275 to 325ft control disc,great for short tight wooded courses

175 beat dx roc,would be lost without this disc.lol

173 star tl,use this disc often on second shots on those monster holes over 600ft.

I love my leopard and mako!


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