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Heres my are after tearing a muscle fyi pic taken 3 weeks after

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Jared Person said:
Stop by Carl Renda's page, he was playing a tourney last month and broke his arm throwing a thumber!!! No joke it actually broke, didnt trip and fall to brake it, or run into something, he just straight broke it by throwing a huge thumber. If you dont believe me, ask him yourself.

It is no joke, I was pitching my freshman year of high school and had a bone in my elbow chip off. To this day (7 years later) the bone is still floating around in my elbow and prevents me from completely staightening my arm. I missed 4 days of practice, doctor recommended I take off at least 3 months but I figured if they werent going to repair it and I can take the pain why sit out. So to this day I still have pain in my elbow on most throws. Dont let an injury stop you just adjust, I can throw a baseball 88mph and a disc 450-500ft still today despite the injury and constant fear of the chip shifting and exploding my elbow. (Seen it happen too)

Well im in for a longer road then previously though, I have not gotten any better so went to see doctor again, he finally sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed a complete tear of the bicep tendon. This will require surgery that should have been done weeks ago. He has to remove a tendon from either my leg or wrist to repair whats gone. Tuesday I go under the knife, after that I have 6 weeks of a cast to look foward to then 6 weeks of rehab, if all goes well Ill be tossing again in March.
Dang !!! I just only hurt my back playing.
Chad Curtis said:
. When I got home my bag was so swollen on one side I freaked out and went immediately to the hospital. A torn tendon on my testicle! (no joke--testicles have tendons.).


Well, I'm no doctor, but I do have some ideas for rehabilitation exercises. You can assure your significant other these exercises are purely for medical reasons.
Tried to throw a roller at Kensington #18 a long time ago. Hurt my back couldn't throw for 2 months. Other than that no real injury. Just ivy/thorns/bruises and possible long term elbow and knee damage from this tour.
Well I've had nothing to compare to these but I did take a thorn to the toe. Not a wimpy little thorn one of those 3 inch spikes. it went right through the top of the cleats I was wearing I had to take shoes and socks off and borrow a pair of pliers to pull it out. It was deep enoughthat I couldn't just pull it out I had to grab it side ways and pry it out like a nail. Not only did I finish the round but I beat my personal best by 2 strokes. My buddy's gave me the tough as nails award. After readin this post I wanna give it back lol.
partialy torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. 1 to many thumbers
this thread is full of win!!!
here was one of my bonehead injurys, few years back me and my budds were getting a round in and on one perticular hole we had a habbit of if you were the first to drive that after you drove you would walk out to the one side and spot the other players discs for them, well i took my drive and was walking out to the right to spot for the rest of the guys and next thing i know i hear someone yell four ! i turned to look and one of the new guys had not waited till i got out to were we would stand and watch and had thrown his drive and like totally shanked a drive and just as i was turning my head to see what was up it hitt me square in the head, it dropped me like a sack of potatoes litterly !! i have never been hit that hard in my life before or since, i truely think the only thing that kept me from getting seriosely hurt was my glasses as the took the most of the force and were completely mangled, but get this i sucked it up and played on and ended up with one of the best rounds i had played on that course, so now my buddys will raz me on occaision if i am playing bad and ask if i need a disc upside the head to help my game LOL, anyway needless to say that is a lesson learned.
Last August on a big open field drive, I made a monster of a throw but in the process I damaged the tendons in my elbow. It hurts to grab anything. Thinking about going to the orthopedist soon. Will a cortizone shot help? We'll see.

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