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Please share the one thing that has really made you a better putter. I am not looking for practice tips, resources on the web, or even what putter to use. I want to know what is it about YOUR putting routine, specificaly, that really made a difference for you.

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..............and....................It's all in the way you hold your jaw.
You gotta put down the duckie!!!
I found that pace can help,if in everyday life you do things at a faster pace than why slow way down to put,or any other aspect of your game.A friend told me this,so now i play a little faster wich is my normal pace with everything i do.I have took a few strokes off my game because of it.If you are a more laid back person who takes time to do anything slow your game down.Finding that good pace for you individualy is key.
In addition to pushing the disc through the basket while telling myself that this is and will be easy , very easy, just put it through the basket, while concentrating on the tape and a link , I also make sure I am painting the fence and shaking hands with the basket when I am watching my disc easily go through the chains into the pole, checking balance I take a mock stroke letting my back foot lift back as I rock forward a little just to see if I am balanced the way I want for the follow through
My actual putting checklist goes like this:

1.) Check my grip.
2.) Find my stance and get balanced.
3.) Bend my front knee, or both knees for a square putt.
4.) Lean forward as far as possible.
5.) Decide exactly where I want to hit the target. Whether the disc drops in or not, as long as I hit that spot life is good.
6.) Raise the disc once to find the line and make sure I'm throwing flat.
7.) Execute once I have confidence that I can make it, propelling the disc on line while it's in my hand and releasing cleanly with as little body motion as possible. I only add some body motion for jump putts.

I find that I make far more putts if I slow down and go through every step. If I'm having a bad round and I lose my mental game (which happens way too often), I end up not going through the routine and I miss putts.
Also when I decide where to hit the target I decide the line the disc is going to take.
This is my routine. I step up to the shot, raise my disc so that the top plate is flat with the top of the basket. For farther away shots raise the disc a little more and more to the right since it'll fade...but practice that motion 2 or 3 times, rocking from back to front. Then RELEASE! I also use my pointer finger for control. If you do this, you'll never be outside of 5' if you happen to miss. Most of the time you don't! PRACTICE!!!
OK, on a really windy day, yea, we know putting is harder, but do you change your putting throw? I'm finding that i putt differently in strong winds. For fear of a big comeback, i have been attacking the basket much like a Howitzer/Mortar Shell, coming in from the top, instead of my normal lateral toss. Anyone else do that?
167 kc pro 8x aviar had it for 9 years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,best putter ever................stick with one putter!
I do change my putting for strong wind. I normally leave a little hyser angle on my putt, but for a head wind you really need to get it flat, slicing through the air on a straight flat line. I guess I am going from a push putt to more of a spin putt. For strong tail wind, I anticipate my putter to drop hard, so aim higher or throw harder.
I agree. I still putt with the first Wizard that I got 5 years ago. It just keeps getting better.
As funny as it sounds, the only difference I have made because of the wind is the speed in which I throw it. I throw a super soft omega (which a lot of people complain about), but like everyone else said, pick a putter and stick with it... thorw it all the time.. even for catch. and if there is no wind, I can basically toss it with an arc, but the windier it is, the harder and straighter I throw it. Kind of obvious, but I have friends that change their whole style up because of a 5 or 10 mph wind. Its not a peice of paper, it has to be pretty windy to change your whole throw up.... depending on the distance of course

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