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Please share the one thing that has really made you a better putter. I am not looking for practice tips, resources on the web, or even what putter to use. I want to know what is it about YOUR putting routine, specificaly, that really made a difference for you.

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Practice until you are bored out of your mind, and then make up some games for yourself. Play these games and set your own goals for distance, putts in a row.. If you think one hour per day will change your game, practice for two or three. It sounds funny, but, when you start holing everything inside of 10' then 20' then 30' in a round, it will all be worth it.

One hint: Do not use several different types of putters in a session. They all fly a little different when you get further away. Try them all; you can be picky later.
What hellped me was getting a basket, placing it behind different obstacles and working on the tough shots that I always seem to find myself facing. And then also work on different styles of putts, like turbo, or forehand.
Firm Grip
Create a routine while practicing ( holding your towel, takeing two deep breaths, three practice strokes, whatever) and carry it over to your rounds.
You writing all this down Justin?

You REALLY don't need any more practice, and you should give ME all of your baskets you and your brother have won and bought. The truth is you don't need them because you are a putting machine already!

I can't tell you anything that you either don't already know or has been mentioned here. Keep putting and we will see who scores in our next battle.

Focus.........the mental thing, not the Disc
I empty my pockets. I can't believe that some people walk around with cell phones and other objects weighing them down (If you don't think that a simple thing like a cell phone can weigh you down, try the wrist watch test.) Not to mention that the stupid thing can go off at anytime during your shot. The last thing I want to think about in my sub-conscience is "There's a piece of hard plastic banging around next to my nuts as I make this shot."
consistency, consistency, consistency...do the same thing every time and as long as you are doing it right before you know it you will find that you are making more and more putts...
Can't say just one thing but my short list would be concentration, ...little body movement as possible and try to make it all go in the same direction, towards your target, ...practice, ...find a spot on your target, get pissed at that spot and nail it with your putter....try it, it works lol. The tunnel vision that was mentioned is important and last, again once more, is practice. :)
You've definitely received some great advice so far. I'd have to echo what others have said regarding nose up angle, concentration on one link, and shifting one's weight in the direction you want your putt to go. Oh yeah, don't sally it.
Ha ha thanks Jordan, but I still have a lot to learn. You know, I learned a lot from watching some of you guys jump putting in Idaho. I have a feeling we will have our share of battles in 2010, can't wait buddy!
I suggest leaning forward. Mentally, it seems like you're getting closer to the goal. Physically, it brings your body into a better line and forces your weight onto your front foot.

Just be sure to stay balanced the whole way. When you throw your disc, if your back foot comes up, it should be only because your arm moving outwards is unbalancing you and you're adjusting. Don't just pick up your back foot because you've seen others do it.

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