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This was tangentially started by another topic, but worth pursuing.

Please humor me for a minute:

The next time your out, in addition to keeping track of your score, keep track of how many times you throw each of your discs. Post the results with your final score; it will make for an interesting survey. An example post from my bag might look like:

Star Destroyer--2
Gold Halo--5
DX San Marino Roc--11
Evolution Spirit--3
Evolution Warrior--3
Evolutinon Apache--3
Raging Inferno DT--2
11X Aviar--3
Pro D Magnet--15

Total Score=52--2 down

This might be a good way for us to pair down our bags and figure out what works best for us on certain courses. Lets have fun with it--we might learn something!

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Many thanks to Disc-O Golf for the disc use tracker scorecard!

I combined the two peices and scanned it into a PDF for ease of use!
Teebird - 7 times

Aviar Putter - 18 times

Pro Roc - 7 times

Star Destroyer - 3 times
you shot 19 down?
I hear you Mark, I played Golden Gate Park the other day and when I was making my list. None of my fairway drivers were used (very odd, but no for this course) and my drivers were the Katana, Sidewinder, and the Vision. At my home course that would not be the case. So I decided to pass on this post, that is, until I read your thread.
one of the reasons I started this thread is so we could gather data to customize our bags to each course with as few discs as possible--or at least try--there are plenty of other factors (wind, for example) that could change that, but wouldn't it be nice to know the minimum amount of discs for each course? Personally, I would find it quite an achievement to know my discs that well.

In my mind, he who wins the round with the least amount of discs, is the better disc golfer that day; but there are always exceptions to every rule.
Lemme work this out

1 TL, Spike, Spike (even)
2 Shark, Spike (-1)
3 TL, Spike, Spike (-1)
4 Eagle, Spike, Spike (-1)
5 TL, Shark, Spike, Spike (even)
6 TL, Spike Spike (even)
7 SL, Spike Spike (even)
8 SL, Spike, Spike, Spike (+1)
9 TL, Spike (even)

10 TL, Spike, Spike (even)
11 Shark, Spike, Spike (even)
12 SL, Spike, Spike (even)
13 Shark, Spike, Spike (even)
14 Shark, Spike, Spike (even)
15 Shark, Spike, Spike (even)
16 SL, Spike, Spike (even)
17 SL, Spike (-1)
18 Eagle, Spike, Spike (-1)

So, that's

SL 5
TL 6
Eagle 2
Shark 6
Spike 34
It would, but case in point. 9th hole at GGP. In the "A" position it's a Buzzz, in the "B" it's a Roc, in the "C" it's my Eagle or Teebird. So who knows, that's just one hole. I'm cool with 20 discs in my bag.
It might work for you in your mind, but it's the person with the lowest score that wins
OK my last round was the final round of a sanctioned event (Earlewood Classic) so I thought I would do this. It was my 2nd highest rated round ever at 986. Only 4 players in a full field shot lower. So enough bragging:

DX Aviar - 24
Star Valkyrie - 5
Star Firebird - 2
Pro Classic Roc - 3
XD - 1
Pro Wraith - 1
Pro-Line Spider - 1
Champ Beast - 2
Ching Roc - 2
Z-Wasp - 2
Champ QJLS - 1
Champ Firebird - 1
1st run QJLS - 1
Star Destroyer - 1

Total 47 (7 down)

Not sure what I'll learn from this but I think it's a good indication of what a player might learn over a weekend on an out of town course he's competing on.
Thanks! Great round! I'm glad to see some stats being compiled.

If it were my list, here is what I would gather from the data--if you didn't already come to these conclusions
1.The DX Aviar is the most important disc in my bag
2. My star Valk was my 'go to' driver on this course
3. I have a lot of discs that are used for situational shots--but considering my score, its obvious I know my plastic.
4. I can probably shoot low with 15 discs or less on most any course.

they might be superfluous conclusions, but fun to think about!
Yeah, pretty obvious conclusions. I had used my Champ Beast more in earlier rounds w/o as much success, so it was my goto for that last round. Almost as interesting were the discs I didn't use. I carry 3 Buzz's and did not use them much all weekend. Thumbers ruled on the turnover holes.
Well, I guess I'm just a party pooper. I'm a newbie, and I have my longest driver (Tbird), and my best putter (XD). I use those about 95% of the time. I can think of 2-3 holes (over a half dozen courses) where I throw a shark as my driver, because they're either on a steep incline, and I don't want a slide, or where I really don't want a fade. That's a bout it. I've been told that once I get more experience, then discs will start acting differently, and I might want more diversity.
I tracked this at Redan (GA) park... pretty telling. I don't use many different discs at this course, but maybe that's because I'm relatively new.

Star Wraith - 11
Elite-Z Buzzz - 14
Star Aviar - 25

total score = 50 (-4)

I would say that at a more technical course I would use maybe 2 or 3 additional discs (Champion Orc, Star TeeBird, maybe Star Valkyrie). I'm just comfortable with the way I can make those discs fly. I carry some spares in case I lose a disc, but I don't do that very often (don't play very many water heavy courses).

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