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This was tangentially started by another topic, but worth pursuing.

Please humor me for a minute:

The next time your out, in addition to keeping track of your score, keep track of how many times you throw each of your discs. Post the results with your final score; it will make for an interesting survey. An example post from my bag might look like:

Star Destroyer--2
Gold Halo--5
DX San Marino Roc--11
Evolution Spirit--3
Evolution Warrior--3
Evolutinon Apache--3
Raging Inferno DT--2
11X Aviar--3
Pro D Magnet--15

Total Score=52--2 down

This might be a good way for us to pair down our bags and figure out what works best for us on certain courses. Lets have fun with it--we might learn something!

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well today...

pro boss-4
esp mem nuke-2
champion rock (beat san marino)-4
champ roc (newer san marino? rancho maybe? 09 tribal)-4 (all parked off tee)
z avenger-1
esp avenger ss-1
esp force-1
z comet-1

9 putts with evo wizard, 1 missed...... -17 playing doubles, personal best doubles round at this course by two strokes, in the snow!
would the shot selection look the same if you were playing singles?
i carry alot of discs (roughly 20-25) even though i only throw 9 or 10 at this course (when i throwing good), i carry them because they all have there use, if i smoke a tree of the tee my line needed to get up and down in two shots can change, sometimes drastically Heavily wooded). i could take some out....but you never know whats gonna happen, or what corse you will play on any givin day.

BTW, none of my discs do the same thing, some carry few molds with different levels of ware to change stability and flight, i just carry different disc for different flights. too each his own.
no, i didn't have any recovery or upshots at all! me and my partner shot lights out off the tee, would have been a perfect round but we both missed a 20ft'r on hole 3 (still a lil upset we missed it), and then putted out. I would have had more putts to but he cleaned up a couple of my park jobs.
Katana - 1
Star Firebird - 2
Champ Firebird - 2
Champ Teebird - 1
FLX Drone - 5
CE Roc - 2
FLX Buzzz - 6
Z-Comet - 1
Soft Magnet - 31

Total - 51

Lots of clanged putts today, started breaking in new putters. I use the soft magnets for a lot of approach shots, and drive with them on multiple holes for the shorter tees.
Omega Super Soft: 25
Aviar P&A: 12
Pig: 1
Champ. Leopard 150cl: 4
Opto XXX: 1
Opto Riot: 10

Tot: 53

Didn't use the X-caliber in the snow...
This strikes as a process which requires a heck of a lot of data to come to any glimmer of a conclusion. A round at one course may produce very different numbers than at another course.

I carry a disc in my bag I consider my "primary" driver. On some courses it gets used constantly while on others it sits in the bag, bored, just along for the ride. As a RHFH player, I know I have just played a pure righty favorable course when my primary driver never gets thrown.

I don't build a bag for a course (although I do consider the course I'm playing for trick shots and risk discs). I build a bag for shots. In the same way I don't practice to learn particular holes, I practice to learn particular shots. Even if you plan for a set of shots, one funny tree deflection hands you something you did not anticipate.

One of the habits I have sort of gives me the same information as recording information as suggested here. I don't keep discs in my bag in a particular order except I fill the side putter pockets with putters. After that all the other discs get shoved in the main compartment. During a round, once I use a disc for a shot it gets put away in the center of the main compartment. As the round progresses the discs which get used a lot stay in the center. The ones not used filter to either end. By the end of the round the discs on the far ends were the ones which did not get thrown.

Say I am playing a long, wide open course. My most understable midrange disc may not be used at all because there were no tight, short anhyzer tunnels. So do I pull it out and banish it to the trunk? It may turn out to be the workhorse tomorrow.
As an archivist and historian, I prefer as much data as possible to develop informed conclusions--a concept I'm sure you can appreciate.

This was born from the 'plastic addiction' thread that was started a few days ago; as well as the 'just another bag that needs to be narrowed down' thread from a few weeks ago--I see this as a way to make informed judgments on what discs in the bag are rarely used. I do like your idea of 'filtering' out discs not used--its simple yet effective.

Just from the little data above, I can see that these players will only use 8-12 discs in any given round--it makes me wonder why I see players walking around with 25-30 discs in their bags or why people spend their kid's lunch money on discs so they can have 200 discs in their 'collection' to cloud their shot judgment.

I am awaiting one player to post data confirming that they indeed used all 25 discs from their bag during a round and successfully shot under par.

I might be waiting a while.
I'm not sure I have ever used every disc in my bag in any round but life and frisbee are unpredictable. One of the recent inductees to the Disc Golf Hall of Fame is Crazy John Brooks and before his knees gave out he was one of the best players in the game. I was told that Crazy John played one World Championships with 4 disc and a towel (not even a bag!), even at a course called Riverbends which is full of water hazards.

I just don't have the courage or the talent to do that.

I played in a tournament many years ago where after the 3rd hole of the first round I had no drivers. I started with 4. I lost two in warm up, walking to my starting hole and two on the third hole, all in the water. Now I will grant you that was pitiful and my skill level has improved since then but you are never going to find me with only 4 drivers in my bag in any tournament any more.
Not that I have a count but since I suppose I'm partialy responsible for this thread here goes.
The 90% off the tee I was talking about:

Rogue - straight to flip
Boss- hyzer to straight
Buzzz - hyzer to straight
Squall - straight to flip

The Boss will probably get replaced soon with the Nuke. I'm not that superstitious about what I throw.
well, being in madison, wi, i haven't played for quite some time, but i can say that i have used all my discs many many times during a round. i only carry 9 or 10 discs though so i'm not trying to disprove anything you've said. i have even used all my discs off the tee. i definitely haven't used all the shots for all my discs in a round, which i think is equivalent to using every disc in your bag, that is, if you have the mindset that each disc has it's own particular shot. btw, i'm using "you" in the general form, not saying that you, mark, have a bag that requires a different disc for every shot.

groove - long and straight on FH, big S on BH, sometimes FH roller
xcal - super overstable, long D on FH, hard hyzer on BH
wraith - helix BH and FH, straight deep shots, go to driver
FL - super straight FH and BH, can hold any line you put it on though BH
sidewinder - anhyzer BH, no FH
whippet-x - super super overstable, mostly used for S's through the trees for midrange, spec.
spider - stable midrange - holds any line, good for < 300 ft drives
star aviar - short putts, < 200 ft sharp anhyzers
glo aviar - go to putter, < or = 220 ft drives, soft landing midrange, gentle turn at HS

the courses around here have a lot of variety in distance and approach. lots of trees. vallarta-ast aka token creek is a prime example of great course architecture and balance
Hole 1
Valk- Aviar -1 down

Hole 2 Valk- pig- aviar - 1 down

Hole 3 Pro Wraith comet aviar -1 down

Hole 4 Valk Aviar -2 down

Hole 5 Valk Aviar -3 down

Hole 5A Teebird ( OB) pig avair -2 down

Hole 5B Valk Teebird, Pig Aviar -2 down par 4

Hole 6 Pig Aviar, aviar -2 down

Hole 7 Pig OB Avair -1 down

Hole 8 Surge, Pro Wraith, Aviar par 4 -2 down

Hole 9 Eagle Comet, Aviar, avair, avair -even ouch

Hole 12- Valk, avair, 1 down

Hole 13- Pro Wraith, Buzz, Aviar -1 down

Hole 14 Teebird, gator aviar -1 down

Hole 15- Comet- Aviar -2 down

Hole 16 Valk- gator Aviar, Aviar -1 down

Hole 17- Cheetah, Comet, aviar, aviar -even

Hole 18- Valk- long putt aviar woot 1 down

55- 1 down

I learned I need to work on my putting and I probably only need 8-10 disc instead of my 16.

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