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This was tangentially started by another topic, but worth pursuing.

Please humor me for a minute:

The next time your out, in addition to keeping track of your score, keep track of how many times you throw each of your discs. Post the results with your final score; it will make for an interesting survey. An example post from my bag might look like:

Star Destroyer--2
Gold Halo--5
DX San Marino Roc--11
Evolution Spirit--3
Evolution Warrior--3
Evolutinon Apache--3
Raging Inferno DT--2
11X Aviar--3
Pro D Magnet--15

Total Score=52--2 down

This might be a good way for us to pair down our bags and figure out what works best for us on certain courses. Lets have fun with it--we might learn something!

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I hear you Mark, I played Golden Gate Park the other day and when I was making my list. None of my fairway drivers were used (very odd, but no for this course) and my drivers were the Katana, Sidewinder, and the Vision. At my home course that would not be the case. So I decided to pass on this post, that is, until I read your thread.
one of the reasons I started this thread is so we could gather data to customize our bags to each course with as few discs as possible--or at least try--there are plenty of other factors (wind, for example) that could change that, but wouldn't it be nice to know the minimum amount of discs for each course? Personally, I would find it quite an achievement to know my discs that well.

In my mind, he who wins the round with the least amount of discs, is the better disc golfer that day; but there are always exceptions to every rule.
It would, but case in point. 9th hole at GGP. In the "A" position it's a Buzzz, in the "B" it's a Roc, in the "C" it's my Eagle or Teebird. So who knows, that's just one hole. I'm cool with 20 discs in my bag.
It might work for you in your mind, but it's the person with the lowest score that wins
Not that I have a count but since I suppose I'm partialy responsible for this thread here goes.
The 90% off the tee I was talking about:

Rogue - straight to flip
Boss- hyzer to straight
Buzzz - hyzer to straight
Squall - straight to flip

The Boss will probably get replaced soon with the Nuke. I'm not that superstitious about what I throw.
Hole 1
Valk- Aviar -1 down

Hole 2 Valk- pig- aviar - 1 down

Hole 3 Pro Wraith comet aviar -1 down

Hole 4 Valk Aviar -2 down

Hole 5 Valk Aviar -3 down

Hole 5A Teebird ( OB) pig avair -2 down

Hole 5B Valk Teebird, Pig Aviar -2 down par 4

Hole 6 Pig Aviar, aviar -2 down

Hole 7 Pig OB Avair -1 down

Hole 8 Surge, Pro Wraith, Aviar par 4 -2 down

Hole 9 Eagle Comet, Aviar, avair, avair -even ouch

Hole 12- Valk, avair, 1 down

Hole 13- Pro Wraith, Buzz, Aviar -1 down

Hole 14 Teebird, gator aviar -1 down

Hole 15- Comet- Aviar -2 down

Hole 16 Valk- gator Aviar, Aviar -1 down

Hole 17- Cheetah, Comet, aviar, aviar -even

Hole 18- Valk- long putt aviar woot 1 down

55- 1 down

I learned I need to work on my putting and I probably only need 8-10 disc instead of my 16.
Hole 9 ....Ouch!!! lmao!!
Played at Kentwood park in raleigh. Single round with my buddy matt.

Crystal Challenger - 47

Total score - 47 = -7

Maybe I should have played a longer course ;)
Red Oak, Burnsville, MN 62
Zephyr 26
Te Moko 13
Super Hero 23
what about that disc you always carry but rearly throw , i have an arobee epic always in my bag just for escapes from dence forest . i could put that disc up in a window and head-it out in the right direction . but now a days i don't end up in the green monsters that much . ( just in case though , its in there.)
Core- 9
Challenger- 12
It's a tough to break down what discs I may use from round to round...course to course. Too many variables. I carry approx 14 to 16 discs..using an average of 8 to 9 to 10 per round. But it is a cool thread..and it would be fun to track a round to see what I throw on a typical round.


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