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I don't see why not other than they're really expensive.
Mark - I expect a completely comprehensive answer.

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thats what i use, they are too big for me though, maybe ill get some new cheap ones. they are more of just a waterproof shell for me, ill wear jeans or sweatpants under them. mine are from old navy, so i cant imagine that they were expensive at all.
i went to mc sports today and the nice ones were all over 100 bucks 150 for most of them. i have to say there are some sweet pairs of snowboard pants though and they look like they'd last forever...i'll just do whatever mark ellis tells me to do.

joshlotto said:
thats what i use, they are too big for me though, maybe ill get some new cheap ones. they are more of just a waterproof shell for me, ill wear jeans or sweatpants under them. mine are from old navy, so i cant imagine that they were expensive at all.
if i were him, id tell you to fly to Australia (Astralian alligators are prime), wrestle an alligator to death, skin it, and then take it to a master tailor in Vegas and sew some custom alligator pants.
Hey Blaze, if my answer is even comprehensible it will be a bonus.

Snowboard pants are big, thick, heavy things. So if you can't afford leg irons and cement boots they might be the next best choice.

It is hard enough to do a run up in deep snow, the last thing I want is less mobility. I try to wear the least heavy, bulky and restrictive clothing I can get away with. My legs are relatively immune to cold so I wear long socks and unlined nylon pants until it gets below zero.

Even big boots are terrible to throw in. Hiking boots are the most I can tolerate. I buy them a couple sizes too big so I can wear multiple pairs of socks. For the first decade I played, I wore tennis shoes or cleats all winter. Those were really cold.
yea mine are unlined nylon pants, but i used to use them to snowboard.
Joshlotto has the best idea with Astralian alligator pants. But I do wear my snowboard pants when we have really cold windchill or over 8" of snow and there are drifts because they have the elastic that hugs around your boot to keep the snow out. When there is that much snow there is really no run up anyway, at least at most courses where the pads aren't shoveled. My pants are very light and thin, with little insulation except a thin layer on the butt and back of the thighs. I wouldn't buy snowboard pants just to play in, unless you can find some cheap. A nylon shell outer will work great for keeping wind and moisture out. Stay dry, stay warm.
I swear by an under garment made with capilene this is the warmest stuff on the planet. well maybe my point is throw those under and I am good at - temps with just light weight pants on top. can get buy with good fleece on top unless the wind is just ripping in. They are pricey but well worth it and they last for long time. My pair is 7 years old and they are in great shape still.
ever try a pair of chaps. I have a pair I wear for small game hunting with jeans under them. Not sure if that will help or not.
I picked up a pair on North Face bibs off of ebay for like 25$. gore tex and the whole nine, Their a little bulky and you still need to have a pair of pants underneath them. But.. I couldent live with out them here (MI). They have built in Gaiter's which prevent snow from climbing up into your shoes/boots.
I played in the the -40's ice storm last winter, and stayed warm and dry all day. I'll bet you could track somthing like that down either in a store or off the web.. But I have to say, if you plan on staying in the snow belt try to find a pair thats ccozy and have the gaiters built in.. Totally worth it. IMO
I agree that snowboard pants are likely too bulky unless condtions are so intense that you are better off snowboarding rather than golfing. I recently bought a pair of Mistral pants from REI that are somewhat windproof and water resistant and fit over boots.http://www.rei.com/product/761945 However, they are real pants and are a hybrid between activewear and leisure wear.. They have a stretchy fabric. I wore them in a warmer weather tournament this weekend and they were great. If its colder I will wear a pair of silk or capeleine or other synthetic long johns under them. This will be a nice set up unless its real wet or below 15 degrees.. I also have my cyclists set up. I wear either light or insulated cycling tights. I can wear them under a pair of gor tex pants that are completely waterproof breathable. Those pants are really just a shell and do not add bulk. If its too cold for that set up its too cold to play. All of th above provide plenty of movement and flexibility.
I wore my SB pants in the Ice Bowl tourney earlier in the year. They kept me dry & warm. My biggest complaint was the noise. As you walk the nylon material made a swoosh swoosh noise. OK for me but distracting for others walking in my group. Jealous remarks soon followed- haha
I would say I played all last winter(michigan) with a cheap pair of champion(ie target) thick, yet breathable tech fleece(smooth outside, soft inner)pants i paid $19.99 for them. The key to winter golf is high quality breathable long underwear!! patagonia makes some really good ones. as does EMS...

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