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With the recent losing of the RED HAWK course at Plantation INN, Crystal River Fl. should the PDGA have an investigation about this incident? Should they then punish the people responsible for such actions which occured at this years Players Cup? Is it not the duty of the PDGA to uphold the image of a sport that some of us want to see grow and develop? YES< YES< YES> What would you do? Are you just the casual player or do you travel to many events in your state or further? Shed some light on this subject and show me the other side that I could be missing.

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I have seen this post from Sun King Mike Barnett. I was looking for feedback from all golfers on this matter. Thanks.
I maintain golf courses for a living. The few occasions that we have had the opportunity to hold tournaments on ball golf courses, I have been sorely disappointed by the conduct of the disc golfers concerning the golf carts. For some reason when you put people in golf carts they can't help but get into "rally mode". It amazes me the lack of concern for the turf and respect for the golf courses property/equipment. Running a golf course is expensive. Many golf courses, especially the smaller ones that allow disc golf to be played there, are generally one bad season away from going under. However, there is this attitude I have seen in the disc golf community that ball golfers and the courses have plenty of money. What is the big deal if we rally the carts around? Sucks that the course is closed, but it sounds like the community brought it upon itself.

I feel the pain and yet I never played the Players or the Red Hawk. We had a tourney that was just starting to be something special and after two years, it's gone and done in much the same fashion.
Why, we, as disc golfers wonder that we get no respect is beyond me when, we, as disc golfers allow a faction of us to show little or no respect to others who help to promote the sport we love.
I am not going to stand here and preach, but I try to show respect to ther park users, neighbors, city employees, etc and ask that anyone playing on any course be it private or public, pull your head out and treat them with respect, after all, you need to remember you are their guest, and that invitation may be revoked without your approval.
Let's stand up and earn the respect we deserve.
It's good they are investigating the incident. However, it sounds to me like the hotel/golf course did not want this at their course anymore. Keep in mind I was not there, this is just what I see from a far. Why would there be no complaints about destroyed rooms until 2 weeks later? Why would there be no complaints about the heavy odor of pot smoke in the hotel? I don't know of any hotels that find this kind of behavior to be suitable. If there was touring pros involved in this destruction, I would find that hard to believe. If they were, How many other events are we loosing this year, or was this a one time thing, an isolated incident? Did the tournament central Holiday Inn get destroyed at worlds, doubt it. To me it sounds like some players that if anything were fairly local, and way to comfortable on that property, if anything like that even really happened. How many big ball golf tournaments does that course/hotel hold each year? If that answer is zero, than this may be hard to believe for some of you, but ball golf courses DO NOT want to be known for holding major disc golf tournaments. That does not bring in business for them that they want. They want to be known for having a great hotel and ball golf course that people want to come to play and pay bigger money, than the disc golf trash that filters through once a year. And it is Florida, all it takes is one old person to say they saw (x) happening all over the course, and pretty soon all of their friends that are probably members to the club start complaining. Gee, lets see who they side with.
when the "investigation" begins so far after the fact all the "evidence" is likely to be hearsay so i wouldn't look for much to come of it. while it does appear from what i've read that the new management of the plantation inn was looking for a reason to bag dg, it is very unfortunate (for all of us, but in particular for those with time/effort vested in the course/event) that some people simply do not know how to behave in public.
Overwhelming smell of marijuana in the hotel and on the course
~Destruction of hotel property
~Lack of respect for course rules - dress code, golf cart abuse, overall conduct

Disc golfers doing such acts...surely we are getting railroaded...disc golfers would never do anything like this
Maybe now the PDGA will take the stance of enforcing their own rules instead of waiting for some beer drinking pothead to turn his buddy in puff puff give
I am suprised we don't hear about this type of action being taken more often, we had a great course go in Irvine,Ca. and it lasted about two months before the park dept. closed it down becasue of major complaints about disc golfers smoking pot,
ok the players cup is all the top pro's in the world rite so did we little guy do it or the people we all look up to.So how would the pdga kick out the top players out .We lost on this but now we have to learn from it. I hope we grow from this but i think pdga as no rule in are life's off of course after hours is on all us and all team's who travel to tournaments.
Hey, I'm not saying it didn't happen, or doesn't happen. I am saying that there could be other factors in the decision to pull the course, and the tournament. If this only happened at the Players cup, why pull the whole course, just pull that event. Like I said I wasn't there so who knows. I do know that top pros don't blatently smoke out in the open on the course. Pro is a wide variety of players not necessarily top pros. It is usually the bottom pros that try to act like rock stars.

In Florida, there are a ridiculous amount of ball golf courses that people have the option to play and join as members. From a marketing standpoint a disc golf course on the same property does not attract ball golf players (that is their bread and butter). I just think there is more to the story of why they want to get rid of the course as a whole.
next thing you know, they will be closing ski slopes because of the overwhelming smell of herb
PDGA should punish players for inappropriate actions. Furthermore, TDs need to be held responsible to some extent. They need to make it perfectly clear that illegal drugs are not welcome at their event. If something occurs at a TDs event, PDGA needs to take record of it. If a TD or a certain event keeps having problems, then there should be reprecussions there too. As far as behavior, a lot is up to the players...don't act a fool and if you're friend or fellow is, discourage it and definitely don't encourage it.

On drugs and alcohol: weed is illegal, and should not be tolerated at any time by a TD or any staff of a tournament! Violators should be immediately disqualified. Alcohol is illegal in many public parks and public intoxication is illegal everywhere. This should not be tolerated either! Disc golfers have a sense of entitlement that these things are OK on the course and that thats what DG is about. It's not! The only way the they will hide is if they are punished if they get caught.

It is time disc golf separates itself from our "stoner" stigma. If it is ever to become a real sport, this is imperative.
I also play ball golf and to be honest, I have been offered to smoke more when doing that than when discing. People also swear very loudly on a ball golf course. People smoke in many places in many sports. Yes, it is counteractive to what we are trying to do, but I think blaming all our problems on one aspect is like shooting a dead horse.

wayhighoffire said:
next thing you know, they will be closing ski slopes because of the overwhelming smell of herb
wayhighoffire said:
next thing you know, they will be closing ski slopes because of the overwhelming smell of herb

ski slops make millions of dollars were talking about the PDGA here lets not get ahead of ourselfs

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