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Nice work there Rev.
1 tip though.
Acetone. Removes stamps quite easily.
But removal ain't necessary. I just beleive they interfer with the design.

My first attempt.

Stencil of Yoda with the quotes...
Luke: "I don't believe it"
Yoda: "That is why you fail"
On a Green ???g Champ Valkyrie.

A dye for a friend.
A Grim Reaper smokin a [censored]
If you make out the bottom word, you'll get the idea.
On a Orange 175g Champ Orc

Darth Maul!
On a Red 175g CFR Starfire-L
Stamp was wearing off anyways...
The Yoda I use for backhand D, Darth I use for Sidearm D. USE THE FORCE!

The Ace of Spades.
On a 175g White Evolution Element.
Little disappointed with this though.
The stamp (very concentrated in center) caused some major headaches.
First it didn't wanna come off completely.
Then, since the stamp was so concentrated, the stamping process singed the plastic a bit.
And when the acetone finally got the stamp off, the acetone caused the singed plastic to peel back.
Removed the peeled back plastic with some sandpaper.
A when dyeing, the mask began to peel back from where it layed upon the 'ghost' stamp.
Caused some minor bleeding and the areas of the 'ghost' stamp that were to dye, didn't take the color completely.
Can't really see these probs in the pic, but I was soooo annoied by this.
Leason. Don't dye discs that had complicated stamps.

Neo from the Matrix and the altered quote...
"There is no Wind"
On a Blue 175g Z Wasp
My headwind middy

Intertwining Dragons
On a White 170g Pro Starfire
First Multi color.

A Tribal Beasty Design??? Looks like Pan from the recent Spanish movie, "Pan's Labyrinth".
On a Pink 174g Champ Teebird.

That's most of what I've done so far...there's on I save revelation for on the course, for s#!t talkers.
Here are a few discs that i just finished, and put up on the Bay.

Pro Destroyer with Corona Dye

And the Imperial Seal from star wars.

Mine are just primitive.
This design was done by a friend then scanned by another friend. A mylar template was created then dyed with rite dye. I have put this design(various sizes) on several star discs I throw. This is a wraith.
Hi. I've done some messing around with dyes and custom stamps. For minimal time and effort you can get a cool stamp on a champion disk by removing the original stamp with acetone (nail polish remover) and simply taping a copy of a design that you like to the bottom and tracing it out with a sharpie (I like the ultra fine points for detail work). I'm not sure how long these will last, but I like the detail. I seriously doubt I could get this level of detail with dye and masks considering the bleed factor. I figure I'll just touch them up from time to time as they fade with wear. I was pretty stoked to find this max weight, all white, factory second, champ Valk. Pretty cool blank canvass. To give credit where credit is due...The first is a trademark of Imperial Cervesa, the best beer in Costa Rica, the second is an illustration by O. Ratti printed in "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere," the bible for anyone that ever took an interest in Aikido.
Nice looking good... the sharpie method works well but will not last very long, unless your not throwing the discs.
This is my very first attempt. The stencil was hand cut and not very well.

This is a better attempt, but the dye is not dark enough. I am still learning how to do this. Trial and lots of error.

This is my latest attempt, and I think that I am getting better. Still in the infant stage.
Yeah man looking good. Dying discs is an easy art to perfect... practice practice practice... :D Having access to a plotter is nice too. Im still willing to cut patterns, or sell chunks of vinyl if anyone needs anything. :D
NIce sharp lines. Did you free hand the design or have a templete(vinyl or shelfe paper). Using Rite dye? powder or liquid? stiff or soft brush?
let'm fly
I have a plotter that cuts the design. I use a combo of liquid and crystal dyes. I mask with contact paper. Masking is my biggest problem, and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator software is the next.


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