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So I've taken matters into my own hands now that it's time to fill my own course with baskets.  I looked everywhere on line and the cheapest baskets are made of plastic!  Just waiting to break when I drive to the basket in January.  The only affordable metal baskets have 4 chains on them!  I want a real basket that reacts like a real basket at the course, you know?  So I made one.  It's the real deal!  1/4" Rod bent like the real thing, welded up, and supporting an outter and inner ring of 12 chains each.  It's powder coated and looks and acts like the real thing.  It is the real thing.  These are going for 479.99  on line.  Look around.  I'm starting to manufacture them, and I'm almost ready to start taking pre-orders.  Anybody out there interested in one of these with a price tag of 250.00?  Sorry, I can only get 230.00 cheaper than the competition.  Let me know what you think..... Lets talk baskets!

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i am. post some photos

lightnings d-5 metal basket 200$
This basket is a perfect examle of how "Home course" or "Practice Baskets" fall short of my standards. Where's the inner ring of chains? Every basket I've played on at every course I've played at, has had 24 chains. I don't want a rinky-dink tiny little basket with half the chains. I'll throw some pics of mine up here in a bit.
I agree that double chains are always better. Pictures man, we need pictures!
lets see'em
I picked up a mach 2 portable for $180 at play it again. I've seen them new for $330 online. It looks as tho someone turned in a home course or something as they had at least 6 left. To bad your not in UT as they still have some left.
Allright, if this works, a couple pictures of the basket should accompany.
didnt work
I'd try to talk with DGA.

So here it is. PDGA Approval is currently pending.
You'll notice everything about this screams professional basket. Powder coated metal and galvanized chain and pipes. This one is slid into a pipe I have anchored in the ground. Compare this with the lightning basket pictured above. They don't compare.
your chains look too heavy, your construction looks mediocre at best and it looks like there is a good amount of sharp edges ready to chew my very expensive plastic up. Hows your anchoring system work? Is it compatible with other products that may be installed already?

It may catch better than a lightning but in general it doesn't look like much better of a product, the problem is YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, thats why quality baskets cost what they do. Also if you are trying to make a new basket for the market, why would you not want to improve apon the old designs? That baffles me.

I don't mean to sound like a dick but i have been through this. it is a lot of work to mass produce these things, with bending,jigging,welding coating hanging chains, packing/shipping. There are hundreds of costs you havent even thought of yet that will eventully drive your prices up. And that color you got cheap was cheap cause no one else wanted it, wait untill you have to purchase good colors and pay minimum charges to get stuff painted.

But good luck with your endeavor, it is more work to do this then you think.



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