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Should I be throwing sidearm with 2 fingers or 1 finger. I learned useing 1 but I see most people use 2 but when I try it always just turns over and rolls I am not releasing it right what is every bodys thoughts.

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Definitely more than 1 finger.....The better the grip....the better the rip
I am absolutely terrible at side arm throwing, I've watched videos on how to do it, but I believe I really need some hands on training! when I throw it its cuts hard to the right almost immediately!
I know people that use one finger but not me. I actually do the peace sign grip. Start the disc lower and on an angle so that when it starts to turn it will end up flat and on target. Start it lower than a backhand and on an angle that you would think would make it hyzer. Snap it and watch it go straight.
For me it's one finger, I did the 2 fingers for a while but never really felt right to me... and if it dont feel right it's kinda hard to get any good at it. But I do always tell people that are just starting that they should try using two .... that way that do not get stuck doing it wrong.... not that one finger is really wrong, but some say it is.

My side arm throw is more of a fairway or mid-range throw for me as I can drop it where I want it, for big drives it's backhand.
Two fingers will yield more D than one finger. I feel like I have more control with two fingers instead of one. I stack my middle finger over my index finger and sometimes I'll keep my middle finger straight and I angle my index finger for a power/D drive.
ive been throwing side arm for a long time 4 years now and i usually stack my middle finger over my index like sean it seems to feel the most comfortable and allow me to drive it vertually as far as i want. release parallel with the ground try it slow at first and then apply more power to gain results.
Two Finger Stacked Grip Definitly. I've been throwing forehand since I started playing, and out of all the different ways I \'ve tried gripping my disc that one definitly works the best. For grip and control.
I use one finger and have for over a decade, its all preference IMO. I have good control and can get 350' easy.
I throw side arm primarily, and two fingers is a must! One to stabilize and add a little power while the other is all power. If it is turning over, then I would check your release angle and/or disc stability.
When it comes to grips there is no absolute right or wrong. For someone starting out I would advise a 2 finger forehand grip. But if someone has played for years with a one finger grip it might be hard to make the change.

The advantage of 2 fingers is strength. The advantage of 1 finger is it is easier to release flat and push against the inner rim flat. Players can learn to release flat with a 2 finger grip as well. No matter what grip is used, controlling a forehand takes a lot of practice.

Over time, the strain of using a 1 finger grip might catch up with you, especially if you drive predominately forehand. For an occasional short upshot or lean out get-out-of-trouble shot, the grip probably doesn't matter much.

I know a good player who uses a one finger backhand power grip. So players can adjust to whatever they like.
ur a scrub " the better the grip the better the rip" not sure about that many local pros use a 2 finger bh and throw 400+ so does that mean if they use 3-4 fingers they will hit 600+ i think not, use what works

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