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any suggestions for sidearms going to the left and not to the right. also, any recs. for a disc thst flies about the same as the whippet but further. ANY ideas on any and all sidearm discs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much

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im dominant sidearm and i really love beasts and sidewinders, wraiths are good too i hear. banshee's for controlled S shots. to make it fade left and not turn back, i usually throw an Anhyzer throw, about 20-30 degree angle, usually sets it right in, but you have to put the right power behind it or it will turn over. its best to learn both throws, it will very much improve your game :] as far as a disc like the whippet not positive, maybe a firebird. check http://www.innovadiscs.com/discs/index.html nice chart xD
i dont throw sidearm much, but when i do i like stable discs like a teerex or firebird for hyzers, and if i'm trying to 'S' curve it, i like to use a wraith
Tough to find something that overstable, but I've tried. The closest have been the Drone, XTRA and the Talon. For me, the Talon was the furthest (all Discraft by the way)
Are we talkin about right hand sidearm? If so, the disc will always naturally fade back to the right, unless you throw a less stable disc with anhyzer, or overpower the disc to cause it to turn left and hold its line. My sidearms are good for distance but not as accurate as my backhand throws, so to get a disc to turn left I would throw a backhand hyzer, and let the disc do what it wants to do.

I throw a Boss for my sidearm throws, its fast and overstable which means if I throw it with some anhyzer it will s-curve and get me some good distance. I dont know how it would compare to the Whippet though, I've never thrown the Whippet.
If you are looking for something to fly like a faster whippet I would suggest any of the following discs: Z flick (discraft), Max, Xcal, maybe a monster (innova), speed demon, spirit (gateway), Raging Inferno(Quest AT).

However I would not suggest a disc to hyzer flip without first knowing what your power and snap are like so I didn't lead you into a disc that flips too much or not enough.
If you're looking for something comparable to the Whippet, try out a 180g Viper. It only comes in DX, so your total investment is less than ten bucks. Not much to lose if you don't like it.
Sorry but a Pred is slightly less stable and a Crush is WAY less stable then a whippet. if you wanted to point out discraft discs a flick will fly closest followed by a pulse, pred and then force.

I throw both a whippet and a crush although I may be getting rid of my whippet soon even though I love the disc, I only use it for hard skippers.

No no no, same flight but farther then a Whippet is a Predator and for even farther a Crush. I throw Elite-X Predator and ESP Crush, and yes I have a Dx Whippet. Both are amazing discs. If you want a good 'S' curve, I throw a Pro Starfire (SL) or DX Wraith. If you want it to go left and not right, throw your overstable discs backhand. It is a hell of a lot easier to backhand then Anny forehand.
Been a sidearmer my whole golfing life and I have a beat in Pro Leapord that I'll reiease straight and holds a perfect left line. Get about a good 250' shot off it but that's all I need to do to get where I need to go. 1st run Boss for 400' , Star Wraith will hold a left line for a bit but turns back right and get about 350' with it.
throw some hyzer on it play with it til you get the right angle per disc
I am predominantly forehand, and my favorite disc to throw by far is the Pulse. It flies far and is extremely predictable in almost all weather conditions. For and "S" curve I like a Z Avenger or a Champion Wraith. They don't fly quite as far as the Pulse for me though.
If your sidearm shots are flipping over on you and going left, it could be your form/release point or, you need more stable discs. I like using the (drivers) Crush, Force, Flick, Destroyer, Excaliber, Boss. (mids) Wasp, Zone, Drone for Innova midrange I know a few who like using the Gator. You can give all of those discs a good sidearm snap and generally not flip them off to te left depending on wind and your and snap.
Hi, I'm a sidearmer. (Does this sounds like the start of an AA meeting?)

To control a sidearm anhyzer is more a function of technique and practice than finding a "perfect" disc. The margin of error on a sidearm anhyzer is very small but any disc other than something massively overstable can be made to work. In fact, depending on the conditions, you should choose different discs and throw them differently to get them to flip and glide (the stronger the headwind the more overstable a disc you want and conversely the stronger the tailwind the more understable disc you want).

Which disc works best for you depends on your snap, arm speed and flutter. And whatever disc works best today may not work best in the future as you develop a more powerful throw or cleaner form (less flutter).

So the discs which work best for me (or anyone else) may not work well for you. My favorite anhyzer discs are Rogues, Z Surge SS's and Z Flashes.

If you like the overstability of a Whippet but want more glide then a Z Crush or ESP Pulse should work well for you.

Sidearm shots take a lot of practice to master.

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