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what would be a better disc for me to learn sidearm: Nuke or Predator, these are the only 2 i have for 1 and that feel good in my hand for this throw.

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I use a Star Katana...It is pretty over stable...

Then I have a Discraft Flick...Very overstable


Brother in law uses a Star Max, which is Innovas most overstable disc on the market...


Haven't flicked my Nuke yet so can't say. I have a destroyer but it turns over to easy...I have a Dragon as well, but it is bad understable...My Orc I flicked a few times and haven't used it enough to say. Had a wraith that many like to use, and I can make it work decent. Depends on the shot, and how you throw. If you want it to turn hard then a flick or max is great. If you want a med-to hard overstable the Katana is good...And between the Orc and Destroyer if you can learn to throw them they will go straight a long way before turning back.

the only ones i have that you named is the wraith and destroyer lol
Only reason I have all the ones I do is because my brother in law won most of them...So I have a wide variety...I just listed what I've thrown, and what I know they'll do. As I said it depends what you want your shot to do...I'm just a beginner to, but have a wide choice and made some changes, and narrowed my bag way down. I have 3 different Nukes I BH, and the Katana and Flick are my forearm shots...I also have a teebird that is easier to turn over for BH shots, but it doesn't go as far...
I personally use a nuke for sidearm drives.  Works well for me, but then again it might not work well for you.  Predators are way to overstable for me even throwing sidearm.

The place to learn a new shot is in a field.  The disc to learn with is ... everything you have.


It takes too long to throw one disc then walk after it and throw it back.  So stuff your bag and throw them all down, collect them, then throw them back (or better yet throw them back and forth with a friend).  Try to remember which disc did what so you can make adjustments the next time you throw it.


Making adjustments is part of the game.  If all you learn from a shot is that one particular disc does a poor job of making the shot you intended then this is a valuable lesson.  But always watch what happens to each shot and learn from it.  The result may not be what you hoped for but one day you will want that exact shot for another situation.


So if a disc hyzers out too much, throw it hard and force it over (release it on an anhyzer angle, ie.. wing up) .  If a disc flips too much, throw it softer and release it on more of a hyzer angle (wing down).


Most players have more success learning a forehand with an overstable disc but eventually you want to be able to control even understable discs forehand.  Start that process by trying to make every shot go dead nuts flat.  Once you can throw a disc flat and straight, making adjustments to have it bend (either direction) at the end of its flight will be relatively simple.


The bigger and sharper the rim of a disc, the more a disc will vary in stability from run to run. This is true for all manufacturers.  So putters will be pretty consistent (most Challengers fly like most other Challengers).  Nukes have the biggest rim allowed by PDGA standards so they will vary more than a smaller rimmed driver (like a Predator).  Some Nukes are very overstable while others are more flippy. The bigger and sharper the rim the less forgiving a disc is as well unless it is very overstable. 


Predators are very overstable so more forgiving as well as more consistent but have much less glide (Nukes glide forever).  Predators have a unique and pretty sharp rim which is why some players avoid them.  Other overstable choices include Crushes and Reapers both of which have more traditionally shaped rims.


So if you happen to have one Nuke and one Predator, take both out to the field.  If you have a stack of Nukes and a stack of Preds, then take both stacks out to the field, as well as a few other types of drivers to find out what works best for various shots.


If you had no discs and were looking to buy a few to try out then I would purposely pick discs of differing stability, for example a Pred (or Force, Crush or Reaper), a Nuke, a Flash and a Rogue.





start with the Predator and work your way to the Nuke.
I use a Nuke for distance and my Flick for accuracy shots.
Most players have more success learning a forehand with an overstable disc but eventually you want to be able to control even understable discs forehand.
This is good advice.  Most people don't try to throw understable discs forehand, but I find it gives some unique flight patterns that come in handy for certain shots.  Just takes practice, like any other throw.  Imagine an uphill, fairway curving a little right to left, with a giant dropoff on the left.  You want the disc moving right to left early, but straighten out and maybe even fade right at the end.  Backhand hyzer would skip left and go off the cliff.  But understable forehand would land flat and stay safe.  Takes practice though, to get it to work the full flight pattern.

Wouldn't it also depend on what kind of Forehand shots you are looking to throw. 


Throw my Z Predator when I am looking for a real controlled shot straight with a hard right hook on the end, or a big Ol' dependable Hyzer.


But I would throw my Z Nuke when I am trying to get some Extra D, and have more room for the disc to work.


I agree with Mark, try all of your discs forehand. 


 My two favorite forehand discs are ESP FLASH, and ELITE Z TRACKER.  Both are easy to control and have a real straight shot with little fade when throwing forehand.

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