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So I've always thrown RHBH and was recently stuck at a 240' driving wall. I worked on my form everyday, stuff like Snap, changing my grip, changing from an X-step to other stances ect. Today just screwing around I threw sidearm in my backyard to get my disc near my bag and the disc flew over 200' with a casual toss. On the course today my brother-in-law showed me a way to hold the disc sidearm similiar to flipping the bird with the middle finger on the inside of the rim and the index finger bent. This technique yielded 350'+ Course D drives. This feels to good to be true, Is it wrong to throw it this way?

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Last year I altered my grip to just middle and pointer pads of finger touching inside of rim on 45 degree angle an went from 250' to 350' in one day, too.
If it works for you and you can find consistency in, then NO its not wrong.
Heck no, nothing wrong with that! Besides you need both throws in your bag. I must say, seems like people tend to injur their arm more often with a sidearm though.
Ya, several of the people I play with, say their elbow hurts like heck after a few rounds. For me, it's my back that starts to scream. So I really only use it for escape shots or close in. SInce I can only throw it approx 200' or so with it.
I have been playing a little over 2 years and my story is similar to yours. I maxed out and about 225 RHBH. Tried all sorts of disc to no avail. Saw other people throwing sidearm so I decided to try. With a lot of practice I was able to get my drives to fly 300-325 ft. Worked for me and I like the idea of not turning my back to the target. I still throw RHBH, but the disc has to be light and understable for me to get any distance. Bosses and Wraith's RHFH. Leopard's and Sidewinder's RHBH.
I throw right hand back hand normally and use a destroyer. But when i flick them i can get a pro katana to go the same distance as my destroyer. Topping out at about 350 on a good day. I have been trying to tweek my form to get more distance, and have been looking at asking some of the local pros to play a round to help me tweek my form to try and yeild more distance. But when i throw RHFH i tend to feel what people are talking about with the elbow feeling like you have tennis elbow after about 3 to 4 rounds. And with being young still i dont need to have an elbow worked on because i would be done with disc golf and probably done working.
Thanks for all the replies guys. Ive Compiled a list of discs to add to my selection with most being good "sidearm" Discs.. What do You think? Currently I have a Avenger SS, DX Teebird, 2xSkeeter (175, 170), and a 175 XD
Predator Elite Z 168-172
Crush Elite-Z 168-172
Surge Elite-Z 168-172
Boss Star 168-172
Destroyer Star 171-175
Wraith Star 171+
Max Star 175
Leopard Star 172
Flick Elite-Z 168-172
Sidewinder DX 168-172
Predator ESP FLX 168-172
Buzzz Elite X 172-175
Panther Champion 172 -175
Shark DX 172
Roc Pro 175
Wizard Super Stupid Soft 174
Aviar P & A 175
I throw RHBH. But when I need that right turning shot I use a max weight Pulse. It has proven the most consistent for me. May be just that its predictable for me.
With good form a forehand shot puts less strain on your arm and body than a backhand. Watch a good forehander throw and you will see how smooth and effortless the shot can be. Now obviously a full out drive takes maximum effort now matter how it is thrown but compare a 300 foot shot forehand and backhand. Few players can throw 300 backhand without a run up and/or a lot of effort. That same shot is no problem forehand.

Some forehanders use a an "elbow close to the body" form. Others use an "elbow away from the body" form, including me. If you feel pain in your elbow from throwing then maybe you should try a different form. The elbow away from the body is like throwing a baseball sidearm or hitting a racquetball. Neither of those motions is inherently dangerous or injurious and neither is a forehand frizzzbee throw which mimics them.

The trick to forehands is learning to control them which takes a lot of practice.
Might want to add Star TeeBird and a Banshee to that list as well. However, you are going to have to figure out what works for you.
Can you include some pictures that show how you grip the disc with the bird
It's funny how things work out the way they do.

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