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Ok so I figure that my form is more of the issue here but I'm looking for a quick fix.


I have an issue with the hyzer release, do to wrist injury from back in the day. It just hurts to do it more then a few times. So when I try to forehand a mid with flat release it just flips over and slaps in the dirt early. I'm using the Ace Race Hornet because it the most overstable mid I own. So I figured I would check on here to see if anybody could suggest a mid that I could sling. One that I can buy without jumping threw hoops lol, I know some of you guys will say first run gators and stuff like that.

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Drone/Demon/Gator are the top choices, Sentinel/Hornet are next best but prone to flip sidearm due to diameter and weight balance I believe.

Drone is probably #1 most common well-thrown sidearm midrange I see, but as they've all pointed out sidearming a midrange is nearly impossible to do well often. They're just not made for that snap. Best to learn a slower overstable driver and control that.

Don't fight the skip, play into it. Sidearm-Firebird-skip is how I have almost all my aces. That being said, the Firebird won't skip as hard as a Boss.

Eric Day,

If you release flat and smooth you can throw a midrange straight on a forehand.  You don't have to use a hyzer release (which causes you pain) to make it go straight and should not for optimal results.  Based on your description it sounds like you are turning it over pretty hard.


You can accommodate your release problems (somewhat) by throwing a very overstable Mid like a Drone or a Hornet.  This will result in an "S" flight pattern.  It starts out as an anhyzer, flips up then hyzers hard.  If you are throwing down a tunnel or through a tight window that "S" pattern takes too much space.


If you release it flat the disc goes out straight.  The disc will then finish based on how stable it is (so an understable disc will anhyzer, a stable disc will go straight and an overstable disc will hyzer).  Once you can release flat and smooth your accuracy will become much better.


So for a short term fix, learn  overstable discs (putters, mids and drivers).  For long term accuracy and control, learn how to release flat with a straight disc-so for a Mid, the Buzzz works great.


When you turn over a forehand usually you are turning your wrist over too early.  Keep the palm of your throwing hand facing up for an instant longer and you will fix your problem.  If this description doesn't make sense, let me know and I can give a more thorough explanation.

In my head I understand it... Now if I can just make my body do what my head says lol. Sounds like I need to pull the buzzz out and spend an hour or so just on it. I made the mistake using drivers only for my backhand game and wish I had started throwing mids at the start now. Don't want to make that mistake again. Thanks Mark!

Are you looking to improve your form or rely on stability?  Are you saying that you "can't" release a flick hyzer?


If you're looking to to flick something piggish, then you can go for a max weight FLX Drone, Gateway Demon, Quantum Sentinel is also pretty stable.  You might want to try overstable putter molds as well like an Aviar Driver, KC Pro or JK Pro Aviar, Wizard, etc.


If you're looking to work on your form a little as opposed to relying on stability; I'd recommend starting out with putters and learning to flick them 100' and in.  Then slowly work to a further distance as you become more accurate and gain control.

practice by playing catch in the 120-150 ft range.  visualize the shot shape you want, picture the release angle you'll need and smoothly flick on that angle.  float those shots in to land softly in your partner's hands.


this will give you lots of quick reps with instant feedback on your release.  

My most mid range sidearm success comes from a Z Buzzz. A lot f people do not ever realize that a mid range forehand shot is a FINESSE shot. It is usually just purely a wrist flick controlled accuratly. I can throw a mid about 200 feet with a sidearm shot accuratly. Try and ESP Buzzz, I also use that, if I want it to turn quick then I use a champ gator.

Whatever was going on with my arm to cause pain in my backhand seemed to go away today...Thankfully


So I think I'm just going to try to learn to forehand the proper way. Picked up a Z Buzzz today so now I'll have two to work with. Main reason I picked it up was cause I aced with my other Buzzz today, so I'm scared to throw it on disc losing holes now lol



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