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Here is how I like to keep my bag simple.

Putter - Inside Circle

This is one type of putter that I carry in multiples, usually not more than 2 in my bag. Of those putters, only one is used consistently, and all are thrown strictly within the circle.  This benefits me by limiting my disc selection, which raises my consistency within the circle.

Wedge  Longer jump putts / Shots outside 10m circle / Chip Shots

This is one disc carried in multiples up to 4.  Nothing more than a putter; keep it slow, controllable, and consistent.  A lot of wedge shots will be stand-still, chip shots around 150ft.  This is a difficult club in disc golf because, unlike in ball golf, putters are also used on the tee.  Ultimately, my wedge offers more control, accuracy, and consistency than any other disc on my bag.  I usually try to keep my wedge shots to a maximum of 200ft.

Irons - Control / Accuracy / Mid-range / All-Purpose

You will find a lot of different irons.  I Pick one that works for me and carry multiples up to 4 or 5 for all of the long iron shots.  By choosing an over-stable iron, it allows them to wear variously, and soon you will have a few that are no longer as stable; this replaces the need for different, under-stable irons of different molds.  It's always safe to swing the shortest club possible.  Irons do not skip as far and are easier to control over longer drivers.  Most iron shots range from 200 - 325 feet.

Hybrid Control / Accuracy / Fairway

It's simple.  Very similar to irons, hybrids provide control and accuracy - only hybrids have slightly sharper edges and are faster, which allows them to go farther.  Hybrids have smaller rims and are not distance drivers, they are the longest of all the irons capable of reaching 350 - 400 feet.  I carry a couple as they are very reliable and will more often correct itself over shorter irons.

Woods - Tee Shots / Control Distance / Max Distance

Woods consist of Fairway woods and Drivers.  These have wide rims and are meant to deliver the longest, fastest distance off the tee.  Fairway woods are a little slower and easier to control as distance drivers are much faster, more stable, and require more power.  I wouldn't recommend carrying more than 5 different drivers.

Here is what's in my bag

KC Aviar - (2) - Putting inside 10m circle
Magnet - (4) - Wedge to 7 iron
KC ROC - (4) - 7 iron - 3 iron
Leopard - (2) - Hybrid
Teebird - (2) - Hybrid
Beast - (2) - Fairway wood
- (2) - Fairway wood
Destroyer- (2) - Driver

I'd suggest carrying a Firebird, also.


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nice info bro. but how you gonna say to carry 10 discs when you carry 20. you dont follow too much of your own terminology

He said ten different discs(molds). He only carries eight molds

Thanks, Andrew.
Yeah man you just need to read it better.

I sorry but comparing discs to golf clubs is totally wrong and it would be relative if discs only flew straight.  Your analysis ignores the affects of disc stability on flight.  Besides the comparison would only be valid for someone who has played ball golf and is switching to disc golf.

Actually you might consider adding some unstable anhyzer discs to your bag.  Unless you throw both left and right handed, or back-hand and sidearm equally well; then having multiple stabilities of discs at the same or similar speeds in your bag is an advantage.



I'm sorry but comparing ball golf to disc golf is actually not wrong at all. It only takes a brain to put two and two together. Ball golf is simple and speaks for itself, disc golf is confusing when it doesn't have to be. You think I can't flip a Destroyer onto an anhyzer line? Of course I can. But what they would suggest is buying a new Vulcan or Archon to make it easier, but in reality, any one disc will work for mostly all flight paths. They make people think it's impossible and you need a certain disc to make a specific line of flight, so people go out and buy a disc thinking its magic. Im not saying carry one disc, I'm saying to find what works for you and carry in multiples. The less variation of plastic you have, the more simple your game will be.

There are a lot of analogs, but try to take the criticism with a little salt. There are some parts of the game that just don't match up. Golf clubs go straight, left, or right; It's great that you can put a destroyer on an anhyzer line, but a lot of people can't. I throw a Force for long, fast hyzers, but I do not throw it on anhyzers. This is not just because people have told me to, I can personally attest to the fact that I cannot throw it to the right. I however, can throw a king a long ways and have it end on a wonderfully smooth anhyzer.

Your system is a great way to introduce a ball-golfer to disc golf, and I think everyone can respect it as such. Please realize, however, that it is not a perfect analogy.

I see what you're saying and I appreciate the input.  My post wasn't really meant to be in regards to the stability of different discs, rather just the length of shot and means of keeping your bag simple.

I realize that many cannot turn over a Destroyer or other stable discs.  But if this is true to a beginner, I would suggest clubbing down in the first place; or throw less stable plastic.  I'm not saying to use a Destroyer for every shot, because that's not the way it should be and I didn't mean to make it sound like that. As far as irons (midrange) go, you should have the ability to turn over nearly all of them if you plan on playing with top ranked players.  So you should find ONE stable midrange that you like and carry multiples up to 5 of various wear to make up your set of irons.  Even MOST hybrids (fairways) you should be able to turn over, but a few different Hybrids can be nice to have.  Once you start talking about Distance Drivers, it all changes.  I understand players need different drivers simply because some drivers out there are so stable that it is nearly impossible to turn them over.  In my post I suggested not carrying more than 4 different drivers.  But you should not need more than one type of Putter, Wedge, or Iron.

Sorry man I don't mean to debate but I really believe in this way of playing disc golf. Once the marketing for golf discs simplifies a little bit it will attract many more players.

Where does my Banshee fit in when it is my go to approach disc? Disc golf is just too different than ball golf. I do agree with not carrying more than 10 discs (or 11). I actually carry 11 now. I am no beginner however.


My main concern with setting up my bag is to have a bunch of discs that can be used in various situations like hyzer, anhyzer, forehand roller, tailwind disc, headwind disc, dogleg, etc.  Part of progressing in this sport is finding the discs that work for you and knowing when to use them. There is no once size fits all approach however.


I do understand what you are trying to say but learning distance control is just as important as choosing the right disc.  I use my Banshee for approach work because it does the job and I have canned many a shot with that disc. However, I never see anyone else using the Banshee the way that I use it. I simply understand that disc so well that it is my go to approach disc. Same goes for the Star TeeBird. The TeeBird is very versatile and can be used in all kinds of situations.


So many things to consider in this sport. I think that the best thing for a beginner to do is go out and play with more experienced players so that they can gain some insight. Sometimes a simple technique pointer can give a beginner double the distance. Then they can gain experience and decide what they like to throw and what works for them. 


Your banshee usage sounds like a guy I know that uses his pitching wedge for everything. If he can use it, he does, and he's good at it.

It's actually more simple than you think.  Go ahead and deem your Banshee your go to approach disc.  But don't carry an Eagle and deem it your go to approach disc that isn't as stable.


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