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I have a large Fage Gear Tourney bag.  I love the bag and the company.  I sometimes get frustrated by having to drag it around though, even with my backpack straps.  I am thinking about shelling out the small $30 for the "crunch box."  Would it be worth it?  For those who have had both, does the smaller weight make you game better, or at least more enjoyable?  I will probably use the larger one for tournaments though either way.

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I found when I had a smaller bag I got more frustraited due to not having all the disc I needed for the round but yes the lighter weight was nice. I went from a small discraft bag to the fade tourny bag.
No, Just Pull it around with the Ultra Compact Disc Cart.
Courses around here require plenty or arsenal (discs) and backups (water hazards) so getting a smaller bag is not an option.
The Luggage cart that is offered on ClearwaterDiscGolfStore.com is perfect because it will hold a cooler and bag as well as fold down and fit into anybody's car without them giving you a funny (dirty) look!

I have wondered about this. I wondered how well it would handle the rough land. Would be nice for big open courses that have good lawns.
We have Played The Steep Gran Canyon in FL (removed), Renaissance Gold in Charlotte, NC (3 of us had this same cart and we all 3 brought them to USDGC in One Car), Timber Ridge Ski Slope in MI (removed) during worlds. NO PROBLEMS except the jealous comments. LOL!
So light weight, it is easy to carry over creeks and logs, etc.
Keeps your bag dry on flooded courses. I have attached 2 clips to the top arm...one holds my scorecard and the other holds my towel so it will dry in the wind. Perfect.
Gravit*E took a cooler and screwed a skate deck to the top so he puts the cooler on the cart, and the bag on top of the cooler. Sweet.
I have seen other modifications from people all over the state that have purchased the Ultra Compact Disc Cart.
Here is the best part...It is Cheaper than Quad Shocks!!!
Joe G wanted to mention also that we have sold dozens and dozens of these Ultra Compact Disc Carts and never heard one complaint, or anything like "I never use it" or anything at all but High Praise!
Joe G has been using this Cart for over 15 years and (little secret) Innova at one time designed a Bag that slid over the handle. Joe G still has this bag because when you use the cart, it puts no wear and tear on the bag. Think about it...never buy another disc golf bag again. The Ultimate Compact Disc Cart preserves your bag!
This is such a great point that I am going right now to add it to the description, Thanks Charles!!!
I know that if you get one, you will love it. I use mine every day, ask anybody who knows me and sees me on the course. Team Super G uses them in competition. They understand the advantages.
I love my Gateway Weekend bag for fast rounds and short courses--I can carry my 12 'favorite' discs out of my larger Fade Tourney Bag

in the end, if you get really good with 6-8 discs, all the rest are eye candy...
I tried that for a bit. I had a secondary bag in my truck, just in case I ended up being able to play. It was a basic Innova starter bag. Didn't care for it much. I always needed or wanted a disc I didn't have. So what I did was take all the garbage out of my bag (beanie, gloves, hat, extra towel....) and depending on the course (if the front nine ended up by our cars)I would only bring one water bottle. That made my bag a lot more easy to carry. Because if you think about it, you will only shave two to three pounds by reducing your discs and a little more with a smaller bag. But I'd take a look at whats in all the bags pockets first.
When I go out and do a 'quick' practice round, I carry my 5 favorite discs with me. In this way I can get better with my discs.
A little bag with quad shocks works great for me. Carries 14 discs , which is way more than enough. Water bottle , mini marker and towel.

Seen folks carry 20 + discs. Talk to me about your back in 20 years. If your young , go for it and see whats best for you.

Try playing 5+ rounds every day for 10 years. Play each course and see what you really need to play that course.
I use a backpack. It holds About 15 in the main compartment and two in one of the front pockets. You can get backpacks that have wheels on the bottom so you can just pull it behind you if you dont want to carry it. It not one of those revolution bag that cost too much just a straight up backpack and i can fit drinks snacks rags keys my phone and speakers if your one of those musical bag people. Just about anything you can think of that you might want. Its way lighter than the quadshock straps or that stuff. So i wouldn't say smaller but maybe just bigger.
My bad not bigger but different.
I have a Fade Gear camo "crunch box" and I love it. I had a Innova Delux bag with about 15 discs and Phoenix straps, which worked pretty good, but I ended up misplacing it and had to start over from scratch. Not sure how one loses track of an entire disc golf bag, but I did it. I ended up going a bit smaller with a crunch box, and I love the bag, it has a lot of storage space, everything I'll need. I may end up eventually getting a larger bag as I accumulate more discs, but I think the crunch box serves me just fine. Good quality, highly recommended.
yea, i bought the same Fade Gear Cammo bag, its money.


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