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Yeah disc golf is an outdoor event.

Ever notice smokers on the course?

Most pick up their cigarette butts.

Some do not care....

Know of friends and family that have died from it.

i.e. Patrick Swayze died from pancreas disease, from smoking cigarettes.

How do you get through to a smoker?

Will they sue the cigarette companies because they can't quit?

Will an 'iron lung' be PDGA approved for play?

Why did they start?

Open for comments...

This is a call for health, not attacks on those that don't smoke or smoke.

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Speaking as A Disc golfer and an ex-smoker, I've noticed plenty of smokers on the course and from experience since I quit 4 1/2 mos ago I have improved drastically since I quit. I've gone from stuggling to play 9 holes to playing several rounds at a time. There is no way to "get through" to a smoker, they quit when they want to and even then its a long battle. I started because my friends did it and it seemed cool ( I was 8).
I'm pretty glad they made it so you can't smoke in public buildings anymore (restaurants, bars, and such). I don't believe many businesses really took much of a hit because people couldn't smoke in them anymore. There are fewer people smoking and they just end up doing it right outside. I kinda think it gets them to smoke less.

But as far as disc golf and smoking goes I always kinda chuckle to myself when I see certain smokers on the course. Those guys with their shirts off, taking a drag as they walk towards their disc (they usually have one). I'm stereotyping but that is what I like about disc golf as opposed to regular golf. People can afford to grab a disc and walk out onto the course, no private clubs, no social hierarchy, just a bunch of people enjoying the outdoors (except the people who take it to seriously).
Cigarettes aren't the only thing being smoked on the course...With that being said, I have only two issues with anything being smoked on the course. 1. Smokers should use discretion when smoking around other disc golfers. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable on the course from Youth to Masters. 2. Smokers should recognize that NOBODY wants to sit and wait for them to light a cigarette or whatever else it is that they are smoking.
I ask that if they MUST smoke, they do it downwind of me. Most are courteous, some are not. Some are too stupid to know what "downwind" means. Most have absolutely no idea how much their smoke lingers or blows right at someone and affects their game (my game). I wish smoking ANYTHING at a PDGA event was outlawed.
I am a smoker, trying to quit, but I work third shift and all four of the other people on my shift smoke and take breaks every hour, so its extremely hard for me not to be tempted. I have no problem playing multiple rounds, I do smoke during recreational rounds and before tournament rounds, but I am always courteous of the other players when I do so. I have never smoked during an actual tournament round as I feel it disrupts my focus and can also cause problems for the other players. I have always felt it is better for myself, and especially for the other players around me during a tournament to wait until the round is finished to smoke.
Pick up your butts. Watch where your smoke goes.

As far as getting people to quit, good luck with that. I had three friends who "quit" in the same year. Six months later one of the success stories was back smoking and going stronger than ever. The third never got past a week. He is also pretty much an alcoholic (who recently busted his foot) so the cigarettes are just one of his problems. He already has two DUIs as well. One out of three actually succeeded.

The thing is (if you haven't learned this yet), you can't change people. Change comes from within. Cigarettes are more addictive than heroin according to some experts. It's that immediate rush. All that you can do is offer support and if they quit, congratulate them on their success.
Kudos to you for being courteous. And trying to quit. I know it's hard. Just think how smug you could act to your co-workers as you take your hourly breaks with a 5 minute egg timer instead of a ciggie.
The main reason it's so hard is you can't buy food or milk without ciggies being shoved in your face. At least with Heroin, you have to go out of your way and deal with a scumbag.
Way to go for trying to quit! I tried for years until I recently have succeeded. It is more addictive than heroin considering I've been addicted to both in my past. Its always nice to see considerate smokers. I don't smoke anything anymore but as far as other plants being smoked I always assumed it was a part of disc golf and never really minded it. But that's just me. I live in an area where the majority of people smoke cigarettes and I'd much rather smell herbals than cigarettes. Again that's just me though
im a smoker, and i pick up the butts on the course and put them in a butt can that stays in my bag, i also pick up the butts that i see on the course, i see no problem in it but thats just me, my only problem is with the potheads that are always on the courses all the time and they dont even throw, or the ones that do throw, but again thats me
Really, what's the PDGA slogan?
"Disc Golf It's In the Air" how ironic...
I no longer smoke weed, but there is an argument on both sides that it is a part of the sport. Disc instructions: First, use it for it's intended purpose. Second, turn it over and throw it ;o))

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