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Yeah disc golf is an outdoor event.

Ever notice smokers on the course?

Most pick up their cigarette butts.

Some do not care....

Know of friends and family that have died from it.

i.e. Patrick Swayze died from pancreas disease, from smoking cigarettes.

How do you get through to a smoker?

Will they sue the cigarette companies because they can't quit?

Will an 'iron lung' be PDGA approved for play?

Why did they start?

Open for comments...

This is a call for health, not attacks on those that don't smoke or smoke.

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whole lotta self-righteous preaching in this thread...
totally agree. everything is not always about YOU!
Why did I start? Because they wouldn't let me do Heroin on the job..... Funny thing is, there are a LOT of people in the medical field that smoke. Odd I know, must be the stress?
As for smoking while I play. I always carry an ashtray ( tin candy box). If I'm playing with some one I don't know. I always ask before I light up.
Patrick Swayze died of pancriatic cancer. Who's to say it was smokes that did him in. Sad to say, the cancer rate in this country is going up. Suffice to say, it's more of an environmental issue. Not saying smoking doesn't cause cancer. I guess I'm saying...we all better wake up!
OK, OK, I'm climbing off my soap box ;)
I really don't give a rats ass if people want to give themselves cancer, the truth is I do all kinds of things that are bad for me but I don't know of any other habit that affects anyone else as much as tobacco smoking. When the same effect can be had with a lozenge or gum and not piss off others, why not try that if life can't be lived without nicotine?
wow, years ago people would never think of telling someone that you couldn't smoke at a park. (I'm not a smoker) now i know of at least one park that you can get a ticket for smoking. crazy!
I know folks who Burn everyday. EVERYDAY !!! I don't care !

Why can they not follow the Rules during a PDGA Sanctioned Event !!!

No smoking Pot after the 2 minute warning !!!! Period !!!

Idon't care before or after the PDGA Sanctioned round. NOT DURING !!!!
Chewing the gum helps but it is not the same.

The gum does help but it is not the best for outside play when you have to drink water. Not good to drink liquids when you have the gum in your mouth. I try to keep some in my golf bag just in case. During tournaments I normally smoke when there is a backlog of players waiting on a tee or after a "circle whatever" on a hole.

Smoking has become so socially unacceptable that grabbing a smoke, outside on a disc golf course is going to piss someone off? But, yet it is legal to do so in most places. Legal but now anti-social. The stigma placed on smokers doesn't help a smoker stop smoking but rather can add to the difficulties.

We were probably all told at some point in school to not cave into peer pressure but that is exctly what the anti-smoking people want me to do by campaigning against smoking and making it an anti-social act, instead of a bad habit that only truely annoys a very small subest of the population because they are allergic to the smoke.

I rarely drink alcohol and when a DGer pops open a cold one and I can smell the beer I don't get indignant and pissed off. I don't go into soap box mode and retell a story about my cousin getting a golf scholarship and drinking it away, or another guy I knew that got drunk and bought 2 new corvettes he couldn't afford or how alchohol can cause cancer. It's their choice.

Don't start smoking cigs but if you already did, there are some better smoking ceasation treatments than there were 5 years ago and there is a group on this site for those that have stopped smoking. Maybe next year I'll join.
This is a great point Donny. I think there is a time and a place for everything. Everyone is free to make their own decisions, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't respect their fellow disc golfers and smoke on their own time.
I think that you should have told his mother. In the end, how did that affect you?
Picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

Because I don't want to. If you read the thread. You would see, that I ask the people in my group before I light up. Since I know there are some uptight people out there. Besides, next thing you know, there will be nicotine gum all over the course! Who wants to step in that.........

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