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Yeah disc golf is an outdoor event.

Ever notice smokers on the course?

Most pick up their cigarette butts.

Some do not care....

Know of friends and family that have died from it.

i.e. Patrick Swayze died from pancreas disease, from smoking cigarettes.

How do you get through to a smoker?

Will they sue the cigarette companies because they can't quit?

Will an 'iron lung' be PDGA approved for play?

Why did they start?

Open for comments...

This is a call for health, not attacks on those that don't smoke or smoke.

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Have a little respect for those who don't smoke. I'm a Cigar smoker , so I know of this first hand.
but still smoking pot on the course is bad for the growth of the sport and bad publicity, do you know how many people know it as stoner golf that ive talked to?...tooooo many, im tired of it known for that, and cigs arent illeagle...but i do agree that Dgers need to be more careful not to just throw their trash all over the course and watch where their smoke goes
I'm glad that I quit, been over a month since I've done so. I once smoked for 6 years, then quit for 5 years, then started smoking again for just over 3 years. I think this is my last time though. I can't stand the smell and taste and it is even more obvious how bad it is now that I've quit. I've noticed a difference in my energy after playing golf all day, plus things taste and smell better. For those that do smoke, DON'T THROW THEM ON THE GROUND at the course, pack it in...pack it out. Those that are still trying to quit, keep trying it is worth it and you all already know that...best of luck to you as we all know it is difficult to do so.
that is retarded
Don't think anyone is going to argue the health risks associated with smoking just as I don't think anyone would argue the health risks of drinking alchohol. We still have some freedom left and I don't plan on giving it away simply because there is a subsection of the population that wants to run my life and finds perfectly legal practices irritating.

If you want to get through to a smoker then stop addressing their smoking as THE PROBLEM and help identify the "real" problem that causes the INDIVIDUAL smoker to reach for a cigarette in the first place!
I was told to say nothing.
You are definitely correct.
In America you have the option(s) to choose.
I really accept this.
DO not try to preach to anyone at all.
Just state facts that's all.
Lost a good friend to pancreas disease & my girlfriend lost her father too it.

Smoke on!
Sorry about that, I won't do it again;o))
PDGA Sanctioned Event !!!!

Rules :

3.3 Professional Misconduct

A. The PDGA adopts a strict policy of appropriate behavior and comments to the media. Any conduct deemed to be unprofessional is subject to disqualification by the Tournament Director, and may also be subject to suspension from PDGA events.

B. Players are expected to behave in a professional and sportsmanlike manner while participating in a PDGA sanctioned event. Actions that are in violation of this conduct include but are not limited to:

• Loud cursing
• Throwing items in anger (other than discs in play)
• Overt rudeness
• Destruction, abuse or vandalism of property, including animals, and plant life
• Cheating or willful attempt to circumvent the rules of play
• Physical attacks or threatening behavior.
• Any activities which are in violation of Federal, State, local laws or ordinances and park regulations.
• Excessive use of alcohol or the use of illegal substances at the tournament site.
• Underage drinking

C. The use of illegal substances is forbidden from the two minute warning until the player’s scorecard is submitted. Such use shall result in immediate disqualification.

D. Consumption of alcohol is expressly forbidden from the two minute warning until the player’s scorecard is submitted. Such use shall result in immediate disqualification at a B Tier or higher event. (This rule is still in effect at “C Tier” events. However, the Tournament Director may elect to issue a warning to the offending player instead of immediately disqualifying them. If a player has been issued a warning, all subsequent violations shall result in immediate disqualification.)

E. Tournament Directors are required to report any disqualifications to the PDGA as quickly as possible.

F. Disqualified players shall forfeit any prize money or merchandise and shall not receive a refund of entry fees.

G. Players who commit Professional Misconduct may also be subject to disciplinary actions. To find out more information about the Disciplinary Process please visit www.pdga.com/discipline.
so wat happened to dude
Nothing !!!

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